Green-White Big Kid

Posted in Feature on October 5, 2012

By Conley Woods

Yesterday, we featured a Trostani, Selesnya's Voice Commander deck in honor of it being Selesnya Week here on DailyMTG. Today, I wanted to keep in theme, but instead take a glance over at Standard. Last weekend, the Return to Ravnica Prerelease took place. That meant there was little room for Standard to be had, so we don't have any tournament results to work off of. That said, brews around the world are still being had in anticipation of Return to Ravnica making its way into Standard and, today, we are going to feature just that.

Deadbridge Goliath

Over at, Mike Cannon has been working on a green-white aggro brew that features some of the new class of the Selesyna guild. Without a proper metagame established, Mike left off the sideboard, but I think we can all see where he is headed. At the root of this list, Mike is trying to do one thing: cast creatures who have a higher power/toughness-to-mana-cost ratio than we would expect. Loxodon Smiter comes in at a solid 4/4 for three mana. Deadbridge Goliath weighs in as a 5/5 for only four mana. Even something we have come to know and love like Strangleroot Geist provides both a hasty 2/1 and a hasty 3/2 for just two mana.

That leads us into the second key feature of this list: resilience. Typically, most aggro decks are really weak to a plethora of removal or sweepers, but Mike looks to avoid that with all kinds of protection elements. Strangleroot Geist needs to be killed twice. Deadbridge Goliath offers up a nice treat for the late game. Loxodon Smiter laughs at countermagic and discard. And Wolfir Avenger just can't be killed. This mentality even shifts over into the spells section, where a card like Rancor just provides an endless nightmare for some deck. Despite this list not being the fastest aggro deck in the format, with so many tough creatures, Mike might just be onto something should control be taking measures to deal with aggro! As the Standard metagame forms over the next few weeks, we will have to keep our eyes on this list and others similar to it to see if Selesnya can stand the heat!

Mike Cannon's Green-White Aggro

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