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Posted in Feature on June 3, 2014

By Adam Prosak

From Friday Night Magic to the Pro Tour, Adam Prosak loves all types of tournament Magic. Currently, Adam is working in R&D as a developer.

During its reign in Standard, Squadron Hawk was an integral part of one of the most feared Standard decks in the history of Magic, Caw-Blade. The reason for the deck name is simply the combination of equipping a Squadron Hawk with a Sword of some variety. Magic Online user Schutz2kill has brought this basic strategy to Modern, even if Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic are left behind.

Squadron Hawk

The core of the Caw-Blade strategy is to play a controlling game while threatening to get in a hit with one of your Swords. In this case, Sword of Fire and Ice and Sword of Feast and Famine are the Swords of choice. The beauty of this strategy is that your creatures feel like they will never go away.

"Squadron Hawk, search up two more. Equip Sword."
"Kill it? Okay, I'll cast Lingering Souls. Equip Sword."
"Kill it? Okay, Elspeth, Knight-Errant. Make a token. Equip Sword."

At some point, opposing creature removal will run out, and getting to trigger any Sword is a great feeling and often leads to game wins. Meanwhile, this deck has cards like Mana Leak, Dismember, and Supreme Verdict to help keep the game under control while poking down opposing life totals and threatening to hit with one of the Swords.

Schutz2kill's Modern Caw-Blade

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