Gunslinger: Ken Nagle

Posted in Feature on October 8, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

When a new set comes out, R&D will often bring decks to events to show off the potential of the new cards. These aren't our best FFL decks per se, but instead a glimpse into what the set has to offer. Often these decks are intentionally un-streamlined, both to keep opponents guessing and to make the deck more fun to play for 10 straight hours!

Ken Nagle played in the Champion Challenge at the Roanoke, VA Prerelease:

Ken Nagle's White-Blue-Red Trap Control

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This is a control deck with heavy creature removal and a small Trapmaker's Snare package. A surprising number of difficult problems can be solved via the exile clauses on Mindbreak Trap (Bloodbraid Elf, Banefire) and Path to Exile (Bloodghast, Magma Phoenix). This deck particularly showcases the debilitating Lavaball Trap as a tutorable instant-speed wrecking ball that leaves Sphinx of Lost Truths, Baneslayer Angel, and Jace Beleren unscathed. Players who lean on their Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle or Emeria, the Sky Ruin for a late-game trump against slow control decks like this are in for a rude awakening via Lavaball Trap.

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