Gunslinger: Mike Turian

Posted in Feature on October 6, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

When a new set comes out, R&D will often bring decks to events to show off the potential of the new cards. These aren't our best FFL decks per se, but instead a glimpse into what the set has to offer. Often these decks are intentionally un-streamlined, both to keep opponents guessing and to make the deck more fun to play for 10 straight hours!

Mike Turian was gunslinging at the Los Angeles, CA Prerelease:

Mike Turian's Mono-Black Vampires

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Vampire Nocturnus

There are many ways to make a Vampire deck, but this is the simplest approach: mono-black with four copies of Magic 2010's Vampire Nocturnus. This deck is fast and can be unforgiving. The biggest surprise was how good the one Mind Sludge was; it was constantly catching people by surprise and taking them completely out of the game.

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