Gunslinger: Mons Johnson

Posted in Feature on October 5, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

When a new set comes out, R&D will often bring decks to events to show off the potential of the new cards. These aren't our best FFL decks per se, but instead a glimpse into what the set has to offer. Often these decks are intentionally un-streamlined, both to keep opponents guessing and to make the deck more fun to play for 10 straight hours!

Mons Johnson played in the Champion Challenge at the Calgary, Alberta prerelease:

Red-Green Goblins

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Warren Instigator

With a bunch of land that enters tapped and a few quirky one-ofs (e.g. Goblin Artillery), the deck had some variance in both the speed of its opening and the way it plays out. It was built to showcase Warren Instigator and some of the other cards that Zendikar offers to the aggro deck. I played about ten games with it, and it seemed pretty competitive against the decks I encountered (White Aggro, Jund, and Five-Color Control). Definitely had a few exciting and powerful plays when the Warren Instigator came out early.

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