Harpy, Harpy, Harpy

Posted in Feature on November 30, 2012

By Conley Woods

When I first heard about Legacy, I was introduced to the format by hearing about a lot of the cooler combo decks available. Goblins was mentioned to me, as was Merfolk, but the exciting decks were those using Goblin Charbelcher or High Tide to create crazy, unbeatable turns. One of the combos mentioned to me was one using Cavern Harpy. The idea was to play the Cavern Harpy for free and then bounce it with its own ability a bunch of times, replaying it for free over and over and generating some type of crazy advantage. Whether you won with a Soul Warden or a Tendrils of Agony really didn't matter, but the combo seemed awesome.

Cavern Harpy

How can you possibly cast the same creature over and over again for free, though? That answer comes in the form of Aluren. Traditionally, Aluren used Cavern Harpy as its primary creature to play and replay, but as more cards have been printed, there are a lot of new choices these days. Martin Goldman-Kirs decided to use Dream Stalker instead of just Cavern Harpy, which is nice because it provides a creature that does not die to Lightning Bolt. But, while you now have infinite bounce and replaying of creatures, you still need a way to win.

Enter Imperial Recruiter. While the Recruiter offers no essential function to the deck, he does allow the deck to reach an entirely different level of consistency. With four Imperial Recruiters, you can more easily find either of your bounce pieces. From here, you proceed to draw your deck using Coiling Oracle plus Cavern Harpy. At some point, you will draw another Recruiter or Parasitic Strix. From here, you continue to bounce your Strix over and over again with Harpy, draining your opponent for 2 with each iteration. Your fist full of countermagic helps ensure that victory is inevitable!

Martin Goldman-Kirs's Aluren

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