Herald and Kumano

Posted in Feature on October 7, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Herald and Kumano go to White Castle

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It all started with Durkwood Boars, Dingus Egg, and Lifelace. Some player, interested in carving out their own niche in Magic enjoyment decided to create a deck with a new purpose in mind: not to win, not even to lose, but simply to acquire a story. In the case of the Boars, Egg, and Lace? The goal was to resolve Durkwood Boars with Dingus Egg Laced to green resulting in (wait for it)...Green Eggs and Ham! Throughout the years many players have spent afternoons crafting hilarious concoctions to fool with their friends at the local circle game or even for the weekly Elder Dragon Highlander event. Shards of Alara keeps the tradition alive, and Daily Decks is proud to present to you "Herald and Kumano go to White Castle."

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