Humans of Ikoria Art Descriptions

Posted in Feature on May 15, 2020

By Kendall Pepple

The plane of Ikoria may well belong to the monsters, but humans reside throughout the world in many forms. Visitors to the plane can find city dwellers surviving in small pockets of civilization, fierce hunters who live for the thrill of the kill, and bonders living in partnership among monsters.

Let's take a closer look at these interesting humans in larger-than-card form, along with the art descriptions used to commission each piece!

Winota, Joiner of Forces

Setting: Ikoria
Color: Red and white creature
Location: Wilderness area of Savai
Action: Show Winota charging into battle with her sword out in her left hand. NOTE: Winota's right arm ends in a stump just past her elbow.

Somewhere nearby, her companion monster (the raccoon-panda-dillo) bounds along behind her. And in the distance, we can see indications of a few other bonder-and-monster pairs.

Focus: Winota
Mood: A kind person who leads others to join her cause. "There's trouble ahead, but together, we can help out! Come on, everyone!"

Rielle, the Everwise

Setting: Ikoria
Color: Legendary blue and red creature
Location: Somewhere in the hills and cliffs of Ketria
Action: We'd like you to invent Rielle, a whip-smart, shriveled old lady sorcerer who knows just about everything there is to know about everything. Maybe we see her in an alcove in the Ketria mountains wearing five or so mismatched coats and scarves, grinning and explaining some bizarre abstract concept. As she speaks, the environment around her lights up with magical symbols, diagrams of monsters, and other arcane wizardry.
Focus: Rielle
Mood: Full of decades (maybe centuries!) of knowledge. She'd make a great mentor, if only you could follow her trains of thought!

Chevill, Bane of Monsters

Setting: Ikoria
Color: Legendary black and green character
Location: The towering forests of Zagoth
Action: This is Chevill, an arrogant but very skilled big-game hunter. Maybe with a coat and flared breeches as a starting point. Many monster hunters wear intimidating masks, but we want to see this guy's face to show how arrogant and smug he is. Up to you what weapon(s) he uses (see examples of hunters' typical oversized weapons). Maybe he has trophies (monster horns, teeth, pelts) hanging on his person.
Focus: Chevill
Mood: Seems like it's always the worst people who are the proudest of themselves. That's this guy.

General Kudro

Setting: Ikoria
Color: Legendary green and blue creature
Location: The city of Drannith
Action: We'd like you to create General Kudro, the leader of the Drannith military force and also the villain of this set's story. Use images of officers as examples, but give him a unique uniform design of his own.

He's a man in his early 60s who never smiles, and he believes that the only good monster is a dead monster. Maybe we see him looking sternly out over the ramparts of Drannith, pointing with a glowing sword, maybe with a big ballista set up in the background.

Focus: General Kudro
Mood: "You see a monster, you kill it. Anything less is a violation of the security of our city."

Fight as One

Setting: Ikoria
Color: White spell
Location: Any outdoor or wilderness location, up to you—maybe in a creepy Indatha swamp
Action: A Human bonder and his monster (like the fox critter or the tiger monster examples) fight back to back, courageously defending one another in battle. Maybe the bonder raises his staff, keeping his monster buddy from harm while the monster roars (or does some other kind of threatening display) to keep his human safe.
Optional: If you want, you could show indications of who these two are fighting against. A group of scary monster hunters would be cool as the bad guys here.
Focus: The brave monster and Human bonder should be the focus here.
Mood: Standing strong during a crisis
Notes: Bonders wear "monster cosplay" to intentionally resemble their chosen monster.

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