Hunted Humans

Posted in Feature on September 18, 2012

By Conley Woods

In Magic, we all grow familiar with certain color combinations and what they typically do. For example, if I told you we were going to discuss blue-black today, your mind would probably go straight to some type of control deck. Black has provided removal while blue has provided card advantage and counterspells for years. Similarly, red-white would evoke some sort of aggro deck. Well, for green-white, while the exact confines of the colors have changed over time, we still always think of some sort of creature-based strategy. Recently, GW Tokens was the offering from the color pairing, but Brian Emerald decided to move away from this a bit.

Champion of the Parish

At a recent TCQ in Massachusetts, Brian decided to try out GW Humans. While the Tokens lists that did well at Worlds last year had some Human synergies in them, this take on the list is all about the tribal factor. Champion of the Parish and Mayor of Avabruck both want a mass of Humans in the list. Once you get past that synergy, though, you get to a who's who of green and white creatures, most of which just happen to be Humans. Mirran Crusader, Hero of Bladehold, and Silverblade Paladin are just a few of the powerful Humans the list has access to.

Moving down to the spells, though, there are a few exciting things to talk about. Rancor should come as a surprise to no one, as it has been winning matches for over a decade. Angelic Destiny is interesting, though, as it replaces the last two Rancors and gives the deck a better finisher than Rancor, albeit at four times the price. Revenge of the Hunted is really awesome in here, though. While we have seen the miracle make small appearances before, imagine throwing it on to your Silverblade Paladin or Loyal Cathar. The Lure is almost a free roll at that point! Unfortunately, you cannot target Mirran Crusader, but I don't think the deck minds that much!

Brian Emerald's GW Humans

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