Posted in Feature on July 14, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

KwaaartzZ's Hypergenesis

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KwaaartzZ utilized the interaction between suspend spells from Time Spiral Block and the new cascade spells from Alara Reborn to put together a Premier Event Top 8–worthy Extended list on Magic Online. The combo works like so: by playing a three mana cascade card like Violent Outburst or Ardent Plea, KwaaartzZ can only reveal Hypergenesis, the only card in his deck with a converted mana cost of less than three! From there, he and his opponent take turns putting gigantic monsters in play. Unfortunately for said opponents, KwaaartzZ came prepared, dropping Akroma, Angel of Wraths, Magister Sphinxes, and Bogardan Hellkites onto the board!

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