Infect Delver

Posted in Feature on June 29, 2012

By Gavin Verhey

When Gavin Verhey was eleven, he dreamt of a job making Magic cards—and now as a Magic designer, he's living his dream! Gavin has been writing about Magic since 2005.

You've seen White-Blue Delver, you've seen Blue-Red Delver, you've seen Blue-Red-Green Delver, and you've even seen Delver without the Delver—but you might not have seen anything quite like this! At the Open Series in Detroit last weekend, Steven Krueger brought something very interesting: Infect Delver! Ending up in 9th place, this new flavor of the deck uses the infect mechanic to its advantage!

Sure, this deck features classic Delver components that make it powerful: Snapcaster Mage, Gitaxian Probe, and Ponder compliment Delver of Secrets to form the core. But the infect bits are what make it interesting. Instead of Seachrome Coast and Glacial Fortress, the deck stays mono-blue and uses Inkmoth Nexus as its specialty land. Alongside Blighted Agent, this deck has the capacity to kill with either damage or poison counters!

Runechanter's Pike can quickly pump up creatures thanks to the high quantity of instants and sorceries in the deck—and infect creatures make great targets to hand a Pike. With Pike on your side, you can easily deal lethal poison in just one or two hits. The deck also features Mutagenic Growth, which also pours more power on your infect creatures—especially with Snapcaster Mage—while also protecting your Delvers while tapped out.

This unique take on Delver is worth a look! Check it out below.

On another note, it's been a fun nine-month run here on Daily Decks, but it's time to pass the torch so I'm not taking on two columns. Deck builder extraordinaire Conley Woods will be joining you five days a week from now on to show off decks that have caught his rogue-deck-builder's keen eye. But fear not—if you're looking for more from me, I'll still be over on ReConstructed each Tuesday, providing plenty of deck-building advice and strategy!

Thanks for all of the support and wish a warm welcome to Conley Woods!

Steven Krueger's Infect Delver

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