Inside "Showdown in New York"

Posted in Feature on August 21, 2006

By Mark Rosewater and Henry Stern

Ten years ago Wizards of the Coast took an incredible gamble and launched the Magic Pro Tour, starting a phenomenon that would completely change the face of the hobby gaming industry. Since then Magic players have traveled the world, made a living playing the game, and taken home well over twenty-four million dollars in prize money in the process!

It all started in New York, 1996. The first Pro Tour had its own video, "Showdown in New York" which was produced by Mark Rosewater and featured commentary by Henry Stern. Some time back, in his article "On Tour, Part 1" Mark wrote the following:

"Like many events I'll touch upon, the story of the making of the video could be its own column. But I'll leave that for another day."

With that in mind, Mark and Henry decided it would be fun to finally tell those stories by sitting down, watching "Showdown in New York" for the Pro Tour's 10th anniversary, and letting you listen in on their commentary. Packed with trivia on both the Pro Tour and Magic history in general, plus stories from the making of the video itself, Mark and Henry have a staggering amount of inside information waiting for your listening pleasure.

So, for this week's "feature article" we thought we'd try something a little different. The links below give you two versions. The audio from the original video is turned down for Mark and Henry's commentary, so the first set of links is just "Showdown in New York" on its own, for those that want to see the original. After that is Mark and Henry's version, which includes commentary from both R&D members recorded over the entire 90-minute video.

However you choose to enjoy the links, we hope you'll have a lot of fun taking a trip back in Magic's history that you certainly wouldn't be able to get anywhere else.

- Scott Johns, Producer

All files are zipped .m4v format, viewable in QuickTime or iTunes.

Showdown in New York, no commentary:

  • Part I (150 MB)
  • Part II (183 MB)
  • Part III
  • (133 MB)

    Showdown in New York, with commentary from Mark Rosewater and Henry Stern:

  • Part I (149 MB)
  • Part II (195 MB)
  • Part III (119 MB)
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