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By Wizards of the Coast

by Adrian Sullivan

Aaron Forsythe is one of the three New CMU teammates from Pittsburgh to make it to the finals of this year's U.S. National Championships. The three players all wore ESPN shirts for today's competiton, but joked that they actually weren't changing Team CMU to Team ESPN. "Mike [Turian] wanted a souvenir and needed a decent shirt. It seemed like a fun idea."

Playing the deck he designed for this year's State Championship season, Angry Hermit, he had just finished coming out of a loss to Pro Tour Favorite Jon Finkel.

"The terrifying card in that match is Yawgmoth's Will. If the game is going to go on where he can utilize that card, I'm not going to win. The game goes in two stages. In stage one, he uses his Tutors and drops in life fast to get what he needs. I have to hit him before the second stage where he reuses all of his threats, reuses his answers, and reuses both the Tutors and the cards he searched for in the first place. In the end of that last game, he could deal with anything I had."

Forsythe's sideboard strategy was to remove spells in favor of creatures. While the point of Plow Under is to keep Yawgmoth's Will from getting out of control, Forsythe felt that the Blastoderms in the sideboard would also accomplish the same purpose, but kill Finkel in the process. He also sided out his Rofellos.

"He'll have Engineered Plague, and I'll lose my elves. I don't want to lose all of my cards on the table at once from a single plague. Besides, I don't think that his deck punishes you for slow draws, especially since he probably sides out Negators against me. I left my Masticores in despite his hand-kill because all of my other critters can be plagued, Hungered, or Massacred. He can't attack my hand much with only 4 spells to Duress, so Eradicate is his only real answer. I wanted to have big beats to keep him from the Will, or at least force him to Will sooner. He can't just let the Blastoderm or Ancient Hydra sit there. The Hydra can deal 20 damage all by himself - not even Blastoderm can deal that much."

Forsythe's next match would be against the loser between Long and Frank Hernandez. If he had to choose, Aaron definitely would prefer to play against Hernandez.

"I don't care if Hernandez is playing a Type 1 deck. I'd rather play against Hernandez. I already had my Long match for the weekend."

Forsythe did end up matched against Long in a grueling match.

The winner of that match would become a member of the National Team.

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