Interview with Elliot Fung

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Adrian Sullivan

After losing his first match to teammate Mike Turian, Fung felt he had made just a few mistakes.

"I should have Mulliganed that last game. It was iffy, but it was a two land hand and it wasn't a very aggressive draw. With his Avalanche Riders, I never really found myself in the game. I just didn't want to risk that Mulligan."

After losing, he remains confident on his chances to make the National Team. "It really depends on the Rose/Benafel match. I'd rather play against the red deck, though Ponza is a lot different than the Red Deck Winds 2000 (that I prepared for), my sideboard is just better against Red. I went 1-1 against Replenish earlier, and just based on that I'd prefer to play Benafel.

"Either way, I'm just glad to be here. This is my first Premiere event."

Fung, a member of New CMU, won the Ohio Valley Regional Championship with the same Rebel Deck, making only 1 change to the decklist. The deck, designed by teammate and Pro Tour "Potato" Mike Turian was heavily influenced by this year's Pro-Tour New York Rebel decks, and focused on "Grizzly Bears" - 2/2 Rebels for two mana.

Fung's pairing against Turian didn't take its toll on him, though.

"Playing a great match agianst Turian was really relaxing. I hope he makes it."

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