Interview: Raffaele Lo Moro

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By Rui Oliveira

Raffaele Lo Moro

Raffaele Lo Moro: The byes ruined us!

Sideboard Staff: Care to explain?

Raffaele Lo Moro: Let's say that I've noticed that after round 2, I was still "cold" since I didn't have the time to feel the tournament. Anyway, this is my fifth GP in which I start with the maximum amount of byes and I only reached day 2 once. It's all the byes' fault.

Sideboard Staff: What about your future? What do you think you will accomplish in the next season?

Raffaele Lo Moro: I still don't know.. I'm concentrating on my Nationals; I'm scared that if I don't test enough, I'll finish playing one of the horrible german decks that came in the Top 8.

Sideboard Staff: Who will win the Italian nationals this year?

Raffaele Lo Moro: I don't know, but surely someone from Rome.

Sideboard Staff: Thanks Raffaele, hope to see you at the European Championships.

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