Invitation List for Pro Tour Paris 2011

Posted in Feature on October 4, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Invitations to the Pro Tour Paris 2011 are awarded in the following manner:

  • The 2010 World Champion.
  • The 2010 Pro Tour Player of the Year.
  • The Top 50 players from Pro Tour Amsterdam
  • The Top 50 players from the 2010 World Championship.
  • Players from the 4 top teams (including alternate) from the 2010 World Championship Team Event.
  • Players with 2011 Pro Tour Players Club level 6 or higher.
  • Players with 2011 Pro Tour Players Club level 4* & 5* (invitation for level 4 & 5 players are not awarded until February 10, 2011).
  • Players with 2011 Pro Tour Players Club level 3* are invited to 1 Pro Tour or World Championship of their choice in the 2011 season (invitation for level 3 players are not awarded until February 10, 2011).
  • The Top 16 finishers of each Grand Prix tournament that feeds the Pro Tour at Magic Weekend Paris.
  • Players who earn invitations through Pro Tour Qualifier tournaments (including Magic Online Qualifier Tournaments).
  • The Top 100 DCI-ranked players in the DCI Total format on December 29, 2010.

* Players with Pro Tour Players Club levels 3, 4 and 5 are allowed to play in Pro Tour qualifiers if their only invitation to the Pro Tour is due to their level in the Players Club (see below)

If you believe that your rating or finish at a Pro Tour Qualifier or Grand Prix is in error, please Visit After logging in, click the "Appeals" link and fill out the form.

The following players are invited to Pro Tour Paris and may not play in Pro Tour Qualifiers (including Magic Online Qualifier Tournaments) that feed Pro Tour Paris:

FirstLastInvitation SourcePTQ/GP DatePTQ/GP CityPTQ/GP Country
GuillaumeMatignon2010 World Championn/an/an/a
GuillaumeMatignon2010 POY Finalistn/an/an/a
BradNelson2010 POY Finalistn/an/an/a
GuillaumeMatignon2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
GuillaumeWafo-tapa2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
Paulo Vitorda Rosa2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
LoveJanse2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
EricFroehlich2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
LukasJaklovsky2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
ChristopherWolf2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
JonathanRandle2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
AdamWitton2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
IsaacEgan2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
MateuszKopec2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
Sze HangChan2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
YuutaTakahashi2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
BertilElfgren2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
ChristianCalcano2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
JoshUtter-Leyton2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
ToniPortolan2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
ShuuheiNakamura2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
AliAintrazi2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
MatMarr2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
RyoTasaki2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
MattSperling2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
Yong HanChoo2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
CristianZúñiga2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
StjepanSucic2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
StevenTan2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
RyouichiTamada2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
MarijnLybaert2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
AlexeyGolovin2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
SaulAlvarado2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
DanielGräfensteiner2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
MasayaKitayama2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
SamueleEstratti2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
LuisScott-Vargas2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
RobertJurkovic2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
DavidOchoa2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
PascalMaynard2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
ChristianGawrilowicz2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
AlexisMartinez2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
MartinJuza2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
GerryThompson2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
MartinDang2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
Shi TianLee2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
AkioChiba2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
KoreyMcDuffie2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
MarkkuRikola2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
KennyOberg2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
PierreCanali2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
AleksaTelarov2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
IvanFloch2010 Worlds Top 50n/an/an/a
IvanFloch2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
RobertJurkovic2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
PatrikSurab2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
ZdenkoNouzovsky2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
JeremyNeeman2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
AdamWitton2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
IanWood2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
EdwinJones2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
AndreasGanz2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
FlorianKrauer2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
GabrielMeier2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
Wai lokChan2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
LucasBlohon2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
DavidDo Anh2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
PetrNahodil2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
SvatoplukSejkora2010 Worlds Top 4 Teamn/an/an/a
PaulRietzlPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
BradNelsonPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
MichaelJacobPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
MarijnLybaertPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
GuillaumeWafo-TapaPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
BrianKiblerPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
ThomasMaPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
KaiBuddePT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
KennyObergPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
TerrySohPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
LuisScott-VargasPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
WilliamPostlethwaitPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
DanJordanPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
NoahBoekenPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
BertilElfgrenPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
DanieleCanavesiPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
FlorianPilsPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
JanVan NieuwenhovePT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
MattSperlingPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
MarcioCarvalhoPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
GuillaumeMatignonPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
ConleyWoodsPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
ShaheenSooraniPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
FrancescoCipolleschiPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
NikolasCrisciPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
GaudenisVidugirisPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
DavideBrambillaPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
YuuyaWatanabePT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
KazutoKawakamiPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
BrianKowalPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
RaphaelLevyPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
JasarElararPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
ChristianCalcanoPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
hunterBurtonPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
RaulPorojanPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
GermainCaillabaPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
KamielCornelissenPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
DavidSharfmanPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
HughRaynerPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
MarcelloCalvettoPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
BrandonScheelPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
PerNyströmPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
Shi TianLeePT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
AdamYurchickPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
NaokiNakadaPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
SimonGörtzenPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
FrankKarstenPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
ShuuheiNakamuraPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
YuchenLiuPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
TobiasWolffPT Amsterdam Top 50n/an/an/a
GuillaumeMatignon2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
BradNelson2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
Paulo Vitorda Rosa2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
MartinJuza2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
ShuuheiNakamura2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
GuillaumeWafo-tapa2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
LuisScott-Vargas2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
YuuyaWatanabe2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
JoshUtter-Leyton2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
BrianKibler2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
MarijnLybaert2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
LucasBlohon2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
JeremyNeeman2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
KyleBoggemes2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
SimonGörtzen2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
PaulRietzl2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
SamuelBlack2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
EricFroehlich2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
Tzu ChingKuo2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
DavidOchoa2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
RobertJurkovic2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
KatsuhiroMori2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
KennyOberg2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
ShoutaYasooka2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
BertilElfgren2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
ConleyWoods2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
AdamYurchick2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
BenStark2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
MichaelJacob2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
CraigWescoe2011 Pro Club 6+n/an/an/a
DirkBaberowski2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
RichardBland2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
PetrBrozek2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
KaiBudde2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
RandyBuehler2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
ChristianCalcano2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
PatrickChapin2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
AlanComer2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
KamielCornelissen2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
DavidDo Anh2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
RobertDougherty2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
JasarElarar2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
SamueleEstratti2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
JonFinkel2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
IvanFloch2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
LucasFlorent2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
JasonFord2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
TsuyoshiFujita2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
AndreasGanz2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
DanielGardner2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
AndreaGiarola2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
DanielGräfensteiner2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
TobiasGräfensteiner2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
ChristopheGregoir2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
NicolaiHerzog2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
TommiHovi2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
DavidHumpherys2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
YoshihikoIkawa2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
LukasJaklovsky2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
LoveJanse2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
DennisJohannsen2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
FrankKarsten2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
DarwinKastle Mess2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
MasayaKitayama2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
JohnKolos2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
BrianKowal2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
MatthiasKünzler2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
AriLax2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
RaphaelLevy2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
JaniLindroos2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
RobertMaher2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
TomMartell2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
BasMelis2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
KazuyaMitamura2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
ZviMowshowitz2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
PetrNahodil2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
GabrielNassif2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
KoutarouOotsuka2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
JulienPerez2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
OlleRade2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
JonathanRandle2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
BenRubin2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
AntoineRuel2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
OlivierRuel2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
BramSnepvangers2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
MattSperling2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
NoahSwartz2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
YuutaTakahashi2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
SebastianThaler2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
GerryThompson2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
MichaelTurian2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
OwenTurtenwald2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
JörgUnfried2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
Robertvan Medevoort2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
GaudenisVidugiris2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
PeterVieren2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
AlexanderWest2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
JelgerWiegersma2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
J GaryWise2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
AdamWitton2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
MatejZatlkaj2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
ZhiyangZhang2011 Pro Club 4 & 5n/an/an/a
AliAintrazi2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
NicoBohny2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
LinoBurgold2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
FrancescoCipolleschi2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
RafaelCoqueiro2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
PatrickCox2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
MartinDang2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
MarkDictus2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
AurelienDubuisson2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
MarioFlores2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
ChristianGawrilowicz2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
SamiHäggkvist2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
Hao-ShanHuang2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
TsuyoshiIkeda2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
JosephJackson2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
JeroenKanis2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
MateuszKopec2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
GeraldLeitzinger2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
LudvigLondos2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
AnttiMalin2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
MatMarr2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
GabrielMeier2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
AndersMelin2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
MakihitoMihara2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
jorgeMuniz2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
NaokiNakada2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
ChikaraNakajima2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
HajimeNakamura2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
MatthewNass2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
PerNyström2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
TomekPedrakowski2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
CedricPhillips2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
FlorianPils2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
ToniPortolan2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
TomRaney2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
ScottRichards2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
CarlosRomão2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
TomRoss2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
JanRuess2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
DavidSharfman2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
ErkkiSiira2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
TerrySoh2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
PatrikSurab2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
RyouichiTamada2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
AleksaTelarov2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
VincentThibeault2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
JanVan Nieuwenhove2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
NielsViaene2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
ChristopherWolf2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
TravisWoo2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
IanWood2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
MikolajWyspianski2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
KenYukuhiro2011 Pro Club 3n/an/an/a
GuillaumeMatignonDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
GuillaumeWafo-tapaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Paulo Vitorda RosaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JaredHelwigDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
EricFroehlichDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ChristopherWolfDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ChristianCalcanoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AndreasMüllerDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LukasJaklovskyDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
BertilElfgrenDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ToniPortolanDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AeoPaquetteDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MarijnLybaertDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RyoTasakiDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LoveJanseDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
GerryThompsonDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AdamWittonDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Sze HangChanDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
IsaacEganDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
StjepanSucicDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AlexeyGolovinDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JonathanRandleDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ShuuheiNakamuraDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JoshUtter-LeytonDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MarcioCarvalhoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MartinJuzaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JosephCrosbyDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
KaiBuddeDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
YuutaTakahashiDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
SaulAlvaradoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
StevenTanDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
BenjaminChatelaisDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
EirikAuneDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LuisScott-VargasDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MatMarrDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DavidOchoaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MateuszKopecDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MarioPascoliDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ChristopherBennettDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Eduardo dos SantosVieiraDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AliAintraziDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
SamiHäggkvistDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LaoKeng FongDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ShaheenSooraniDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ChristianHüttenbergerDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
KennyObergDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
TerrySohDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
NicholasLynnDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
OwenTurtenwaldDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
KoreyMcDuffieDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AntonJonssonDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JakeHartDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JonasKöstlerDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AdrianSaredoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MarcFontaineDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MarcDufourDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Shi TianLeeDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
StevenSadinDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
SamueleEstrattiDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
NoahLongDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JelgerWiegersmaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
PierluigiAcetoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
WuTongDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DustinFaederDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JosephKeavenyDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RaulPorojanDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
PierreCanaliDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
WojciechHerdzinaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
CoreyBaumeisterDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MattSperlingDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AaronWhiteDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LJBoedingDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
davidForcadellDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
VinniePrabhuDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DanielGräfensteinerDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MikhailStroevDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JoshuaRavitzDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AdamCaiDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AlexMcCormickDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
SamuelBlackDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
WillCraddockDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JohnGapinskiDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ZachJesseDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
GuidoCitinoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
YohannesSiagianDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
EduardoBorgesDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ElieFerrettiDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
PeterIngramDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AriLaxDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JonathanMelamedDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LoganMizeDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
CarstenSchäferDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
YusufVefaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Nedim CemAytekinDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RobertJurkovicDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RaphaelLevyDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ForrestMeadDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MasashiOisoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
WilliamPostlethwaitDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JonathanHickersonDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AlexisMartinezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
BrockParkerDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
BenRubinDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MichaelStraussDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
KennyObergGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
AntonJonssonGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
MarijnLybaertGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
AllisonAbeGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
NicolaiHerzogGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
SamiHäggkvistGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
SamuelBlackGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
MarkkuRikolaGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
ConleyWoodsGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
EliasWatsfeldtGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
RaphaelLevyGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
ChristopheGregoirGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
patrikThorGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
LucasBlohonGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
ShuuheiNakamuraGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
KatsuhiroMoriGP Gothenburg Top 168/28/2010GothenburgSweden
MartinJuzaGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
ThomasKieneGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
JoshLayneGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
PhilipBauGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
JonathonLoucksGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
NicholasLynnGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
DavidOchoaGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
Paulo Vitorda RosaGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
EricFroehlichGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
BenStarkGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
ShuuheiNakamuraGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
ChristianCalcanoGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
ChristianKeethGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
GerryThompsonGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
SteveEdelsonGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
JamesDykesGP Portland Top 169/11/2010PortlandUSA
JeremyNeemanGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
LuisScott-VargasGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
JackyZhangGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
IsaacEganGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
YuuyaWatanabeGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
MichaelDaoGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
JarronPuszetGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
MasayasuTanahashiGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
KazuyaMitamuraGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
DanielUnwinGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
BrianKiblerGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
ScottRichardsGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
ChrisFungGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
AllanBarclayGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
AndrewBennettGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
JarrodScrivenGP Sydney Top 1610/9/2010SydneyAustralia
JonathanSmithersGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
BradNelsonGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
DustinFaederGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
BenStarkGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
EricFroehlichGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
DavidHowardGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
PatrickCoxGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
StephenZhangGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
KyleBoggemesGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
AaronDos RemediosGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
SamuelTharmaratnamGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
ShuuheiNakamuraGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
JimDavisGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
KenAdamsGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
NeilRigbyGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
RichardFiorilliGP Toronto Top 1610/23/2010TorontoCanada
MartinJuzaGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
YvesSeleGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
JulienPerezGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
GeertjanWoltjesGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
ManuelMayerGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
JonasKöstlerGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
Sok-YongLeeGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
MatthiasKünzlerGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
GunnarGeißlerGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
HelmutSummersbergerGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
Robertvan MedevoortGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
NicoBohnyGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
RobinSteinbornGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
TomasBilekGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
AndreasJonssonGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
TomekPedrakowskiGP Bochum Top 1610/30/2010BochumGermany
GerryThompsonGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
AriLaxGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
GerardFabianoGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
JohnKolosGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
JoshUtter-LeytonGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
ConleyWoodsGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
MartinJuzaGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
KyleStollGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
BenStarkGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
SamuelBlackGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
AaronWhiteGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
StevenSadinGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
YuuyaWatanabeGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
EirikAuneGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
MichaelPozsgayGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
VinniePrabhuGP Nashville Top 1611/20/2010NashvilleUSA
PierluigiAcetoGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
NicolaLandoniGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
ShuuheiNakamuraGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
GuidoCitinoGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
MarioPascoliGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
TommiLindgrenGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
AndersMelinGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
JörgUnfriedGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
RobertJurkovicGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
VictorRubioGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
LinoBurgoldGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
GabrieleVistariniGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
FrancescoHugonyGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
RiccardoSandroniGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
MattiaRivelloGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
MartinZimmermannGP Florence Top 1611/27/2010FlorenceItaly
JoshuaDaleyMOL PTQ - 1st Place9/17/2010n/an/a
ShintaroIshimuraMOL PTQ - 1st Place10/3/2010n/an/a
ReidDukeMOL PTQ - 1st Place10/12/2010n/an/a
ElóiPattaroMOL PTQ - 1st Place10/17/2010n/an/a
MichaelDickersonMOL PTQ - 1st Place10/21/2010n/an/a
VictorCarmeloMOL PTQ - 1st Place11/2/2010n/an/a
EricFrenette-GaudreaultMOL PTQ - 1st Place11/12/2010n/an/a
AaronLewisMOL PTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010n/an/a
MatthewGriffinMOL PTQ - 1st Place11/23/2010n/an/a
BastienPerezMOL PTQ - 1st Place11/26/2010n/an/a
JasonScheinMOL PTQ - 1st Place12/3/2010n/an/a
DavidShakarisazMOL PTQ - 1st Place12/5/2010n/an/a
KonstantinPusanovMOL PTQ - 1st Place12/7/2010n/an/a
GeorgeBlankenshipMOL PTQ - 1st Place12/16/2010n/an/a
Igor GurovMOL PTQ - 1st Place12/19/2010n/an/a
MaxwellTietzeMOL PTQ - 1st Place12/24/2010n/an/a
DougWilsonPTQ - 1st Place8/8/2010AucklandNew Zealand
RichardMoorePTQ - 1st Place8/19/2010LondonGreat Britain
WolfgangEderPTQ - 1st Place8/20/2010AschaffenburgGermany
guillaumeBarbierPTQ - 1st Place8/20/2010LondonGreat Britain
GonzagueAlloucheryPTQ - 1st Place8/21/2010LondonGreat Britain
TaylorLaehnPTQ - 1st Place8/21/2010MinneapolisUnited States
JoelGrainger-carrPTQ - 1st Place8/22/2010LondonGreat Britain
GregoryWeissPTQ - 1st Place8/29/2010GothenburgSweden
FrancoisLemaitrePTQ - 1st Place9/3/2010AmsterdamNetherlands
ManuelGodineauPTQ - 1st Place9/4/2010AmsterdamNetherlands
Marcel AngeloZafraPTQ - 1st Place9/12/2010PortlandUnited States
ThomasAshtonPTQ - 1st Place10/2/2010RoanokeUnited States
ChikaraNakajimaPTQ - 1st Place10/3/2010板橋区Japan
YuukiMatsumotoPTQ - 1st Place10/9/2010千葉市Japan
DanMusserPTQ - 1st Place10/10/2010Garden CityUnited States
DavidFarkasPTQ - 1st Place10/10/2010HelsinkiFinland
TomaszFigarskiPTQ - 1st Place10/10/2010LodzPoland
JasonHagerPTQ - 1st Place10/10/2010LouisvilleUnited States
AlexanderPrivalovPTQ - 1st Place10/10/2010MoscowRussian Federation
AlessioAngeliPTQ - 1st Place10/10/2010PiacenzaItaly
OrrinBeasleyPTQ - 1st Place10/10/2010RichmondUnited States
StevenAplinPTQ - 1st Place10/10/2010SydneyAustralia
SebastianParkerPTQ - 1st Place10/16/2010AltrinchamGreat Britain
BernardoJungPTQ - 1st Place10/16/2010Buenos AiresArgentina
KeoniDaveyPTQ - 1st Place10/16/2010HONOLULUUnited States
AlfredoDominguez RoldanPTQ - 1st Place10/16/2010Mexico CityMexico
VictorGalvesPTQ - 1st Place10/16/2010MontréalCanada
PabloMiuPTQ - 1st Place10/16/2010SacramentoUnited States
TimBulgerPTQ - 1st Place10/16/2010Villa ParkUnited States
VictorZepeda PinoPTQ - 1st Place10/16/2010Viña del MarChile
KentarouYamamotoPTQ - 1st Place10/16/2010大阪市Japan
AlterSadovnicPTQ - 1st Place10/17/2010PadovaItaly
GautierLaffontPTQ - 1st Place10/17/2010ParisFrance
PierrePinchonPTQ - 2nd Place10/17/2010ParisFrance
Kar WyeNgPTQ - 1st Place10/17/2010Petaling Jaya SelangorMalaysia
ValerioBartoliniPTQ - 1st Place10/17/2010RomaItaly
martindavantPTQ - 1st Place10/17/2010ToulouseFrance
ThomasHolzingerPTQ - 1st Place10/23/2010BratislavaSlovak Republic
ChristianSeiboldPTQ - 1st Place10/23/2010DortmundGermany
ChristianFlodstrom-SconcePTQ - 1st Place10/23/2010Fort WorthUnited States
AliAintraziPTQ - 1st Place10/23/2010GreensboroUnited States
SzymonPekalaPTQ - 1st Place10/23/2010KrakówPoland
TomRossPTQ - 1st Place10/23/2010LafayetteUnited States
JohnPenickPTQ - 1st Place10/23/2010LenexaUnited States
JohnCuvelierPTQ - 1st Place10/23/2010OrlandoUnited States
DavidLarssonPTQ - 1st Place10/23/2010RoskileDenmark
LanceBohacPTQ - 1st Place10/23/2010San DiegoUnited States
KimValoriPTQ - 1st Place10/23/2010TalinnEstonia
AndrewEckermannPTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010AdelaideAustralia
RicardTuduriPTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010BarcelonaSpain
AndreaMatiacicPTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010BolognaItaly
MaximeGarbayPTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010BordeauxFrance
StuartWrightPTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010CheshamGreat Britain
TorbenSchrammPTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010CopenhagenDenmark
RezaerlanggaPTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010JakartaIndonesia
PierreDagenPTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010MetzFrance
HarryCorvesePTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010MississaugaCanada
MikhailMarkovPTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010MoscowRussian Federation
SelimCreichePTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010St Martin d'HèresFrance
TaichiFujimotoPTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010横浜市Japan
HidekiTsujimotoPTQ - 1st Place10/24/2010福山市Japan
SamWeilyPTQ - 1st Place10/25/2010AucklandNew Zealand
RodrigoBorbaPTQ - 1st Place10/29/2010AlmadaPortugal
JulianRomeroPTQ - 1st Place10/30/2010AlbuquerqueUnited States
PaulHoltzmanPTQ - 1st Place10/30/2010Bassendean,Australia
TomViscontiPTQ - 1st Place10/30/2010HartfordUnited States
GabeWallsPTQ - 1st Place10/30/2010IndianapolisUnited States
JarvisYuPTQ - 1st Place10/30/2010PhiladelphiaUnited States
JoeBonoPTQ - 1st Place10/30/2010PortlandUnited States
BrianNielsenPTQ - 1st Place10/31/2010BochumGermany
AdrianRosadaPTQ - 2nd Place10/31/2010BochumGermany
LukasLeitingerPTQ - 3rd Place10/31/2010BochumGermany
MartinPodlahaPTQ - 4th Place10/31/2010BochumGermany
CarlosAmaya TroncosoPTQ - 1st Place10/31/2010BogotáColombia
RussellJamesPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010BirminghamGreat Britain
TravisHorlacherPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010BoiseUnited States
SamuelKorsellPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010BoråsSweden
AaronMartinPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010BurnabyCanada
DaveYetkaPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010BurnsvilleUnited States
BradyBoychukPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010CalgaryCanada
GuilhermeAlexandrinoPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010CoimbraPortugal
BernieMakinoPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010ColumbusUnited States
ScottLewisPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010Des MoinesUnited States
Kon FaiWuPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010DublinIreland
ErikLandrizPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010HattiesburgUnited States
PetePicardPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010JacksonvilleUnited States
DanielPhamPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010KitchenerCanada
OliverRauschPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010LeipzigGermany
SergioGarciaPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010MataróSpain
DavidSaundersPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010Midwest CityUnited States
ChristianSteudtnerPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010NürnbergGermany
Oyvind WefaldAndersenPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010OsloNorway
ChrisTrapaniPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010PhoenixUnited States
StandishChoiPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010SacramentoUnited States
MartinGoldman-KirstPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010SeattleUnited States
SzymonOlbinskiPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010SzczecinPoland
raymondAndersonPTQ - 1st Place11/6/2010WellingtonNew Zealand
DamienBlumPTQ - 1st Place11/7/2010BuxerollesFrance
AlexCrisafulliPTQ - 1st Place11/7/2010cataniaItaly
chifleycolePTQ - 1st Place11/7/2010GravesendGreat Britain
NikolausEignerPTQ - 1st Place11/7/2010GrazAustria
PhilippeMassartPTQ - 1st Place11/7/2010HasseltBelgium
GregoryCassiniPTQ - 1st Place11/7/2010MarseilleFrance
Mohd HafizMokhtaruddinPTQ - 1st Place11/7/2010Petaling Jaya SelangorMalaysia
AndreaBaccoPTQ - 1st Place11/7/2010PordenoneItaly
MarcoFermaniPTQ - 1st Place11/7/2010RiminiItaly
Ssu-HsingChungPTQ - 1st Place11/7/2010TainanTaiwan
RubenSnijdewindPTQ - 1st Place11/7/2010UtrechtNetherlands
KentaroNonakaPTQ - 1st Place11/7/2010高知市Japan
DylanBesonhePTQ - 1st Place11/11/2010LilleFrance
MitchellGreenleePTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010AnchorageUnited States
WuTongPTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010BeijingChina
SantiagoDe PaoliPTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010Buenos AiresArgentina
AnderZurimendiPTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010CaracasVenezuela
NathanielJamesPTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010CardiffGreat Britain
BrianMcateePTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010Costa MesaUnited States
PaulBradfordPTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010DenverUnited States
FabianThielePTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010HamburgGermany
JasonGolliherPTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010LincolnUnited States
LaurentStihlePTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010LudwigsburgGermany
JasonAscalonPTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010Quezon CityPhilippines
JohnMoorePTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010RockvilleUnited States
MichaelLePTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010RoswellUnited States
milenkoscepanovic fuentealbaPTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010SantiagoChile
MichalJedlickaPTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010TrnavaSlovak Republic
LukasPrzekoraPTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010VilniusLithuania
MateuszKopecPTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010WarszawaPoland
SatoshiKomatsuPTQ - 1st Place11/13/2010千葉市Japan
BarryOlivierPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010BourgesFrance
LucaBergonzoniPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010BresciaItaly
RaoulTrifanPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010BudapestHungary
HughGlanvillePTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010CanberraAustralia
DarrenCollinsPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010ConcordUnited States
bradleybarclayPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010GlasgowGreat Britain
ArasSenyuzPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010IstanbulTurkey
ZHANGMeng QiuPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010Kowloon, Hong KongHong Kong
VikmarChekanPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010MoscowRussian Federation
RiccardoRealePTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010NapoliItaly
LasseNørgaardPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010OdenseDenmark
NikolaVávraPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010Praha 8Czech Republic
WilliamNielsenPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010RochesterUnited States
NicolasAmansPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010RouenFrance
Xing YongTanPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010SingaporeSingapore
MarcFontainePTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010St-RaphaëlFrance
VilleNevalainenPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010TampereFinland
TatsuoYoshiiPTQ - 1st Place11/14/2010札幌市Japan
MartinBisterfeldPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010BerlinGermany
oscarPerezPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010BurgosSpain
JasonLamPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010ConcordUnited States
Marcos AntonioCordero VallePTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010CórdobaSpain
Arjanvan LeeuwenPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010Den HaagNetherlands
GillesGrandjeanPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010GentBelgium
VernonMayesPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010KatyUnited States
ChristianHüttenbergerPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010KölnGermany
RichardParkerPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010LondonGreat Britain
GustavoChapelaPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010Mexico CityMexico
PhilippeRothPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010MontréalCanada
DanielSteinsdörferPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010MünchenGermany
MatesVantuchPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010OlomoucCzech Republic
FredericoBastosPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010PortoPortugal
BryanHawleyPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010Salt Lake CityUnited States
ZhiyangZhangPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010ShanghaiChina
MartinBerlinPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010StockholmSweden
JamesLarsen-ScottPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2010TasmaniaAustralia
PradeepWidana-PathiranaPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010AshfieldAustralia
SupakitCharoenkulPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010BangkokThailand
MilanFajmonPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010BrnoCzech Republic
AlexandruDimitriuPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010EnschedeNetherlands
GerardoTéllez FernándezPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010LimaPeru
MarcosHornoPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010MadridSpain
NicholasMontaquilaPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010NashvilleUnited States
MaurusRiglingPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010RegensdorfSwitzerland
JulienStihlePTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010StrasbourgFrance
PetrosApotsosPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010ThessalonikiGreece
MartinBassyPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010VilleurbanneFrance
NoriyukiHagiwaraPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010仙台市Japan
KentaroInoPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010名古屋市Japan
KazuoWashimiPTQ - 1st Place11/21/2010金沢市Japan
codyKiesanowskiPTQ - 1st Place11/27/2010ChristchurchNew Zealand
DarwinGohPTQ - 1st Place11/27/2010EdisonUnited States
BasemAskoulPTQ - 1st Place11/27/2010Garden CityUnited States
HarrisonBeachPTQ - 1st Place11/27/2010HendersonUnited States
MatthiasHuntPTQ - 1st Place11/27/2010MadisonUnited States
GrantHislopPTQ - 1st Place11/27/2010ManchesterGreat Britain
CarlosMoralPTQ - 1st Place11/27/2010PlasenciaSpain
IvanKlaricPTQ - 1st Place11/27/2010Quezon CityPhilippines
LiangChenPTQ - 1st Place11/27/2010TaipeiTaiwan
PhilippePhamPTQ - 1st Place11/28/2010Clermont-FerrandFrance
ShaunMclarenPTQ - 1st Place11/28/2010EdmontonCanada
RomanKathrinerPTQ - 1st Place11/28/2010FirenzeItaly
DixonOuyangPTQ - 1st Place11/28/2010GuangzhouChina
TimothéeSimonotPTQ - 1st Place11/28/2010Le MansFrance
BorisAristovPTQ - 1st Place11/28/2010MoscowRussian Federation
Jae-jeongLeePTQ - 1st Place11/28/2010SeoulKorea (South)
EdmundShumPTQ - 1st Place11/28/2010South YarraAustralia
AdrianRodriguez BadenasPTQ - 1st Place11/28/2010ValenciaSpain
JunItouPTQ - 1st Place11/28/2010川崎市Japan
ChrisBovenschenPTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010AmsterdamNetherlands
JohanVerhulstPTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010AntwerpenBelgium
PiotrLongaPTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010Bielsko-BialaPoland
Antonio AlfonsoGonzalezPTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010CádizSpain
FabioPoeirasPTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010CascaisPortugal
Vidal HelmuthAzañero RojasPTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010LaPazBolivia
StuartHordenPTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010NottinghamGreat Britain
TravisTurningPTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010OrlandoUnited States
PaulLakePTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010PhiladelphiaUnited States
SimonWechslerPTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010ProvidenceUnited States
RafaelCoqueiroPTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010Rio de JaneiroBrazil
ShaharShenharPTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010Santa ClaraUnited States
LeeCotePTQ - 1st Place12/4/2010Villa ParkUnited States
LeviHinzPTQ - 1st Place12/5/2010BrisbaneAustralia
MattiaSchmidPTQ - 1st Place12/5/2010FribourgSwitzerland
antoniopintoPTQ - 1st Place12/5/2010LjubljanaSlovenia
SimoneZulianPTQ - 1st Place12/5/2010MilanoItaly
PascalGentilPTQ - 1st Place12/5/2010MontpellierFrance
TomislavSavicPTQ - 1st Place12/5/2010OsijekCroatia (Hrvatska)
LucasTerrierPTQ - 1st Place12/5/2010RennesFrance
ArvedBartuskaPTQ - 1st Place12/5/2010SalzburgAustria
Cher YiingLohPTQ - 1st Place12/5/2010SingaporeSingapore
Ken'ichirouOomoriPTQ - 1st Place12/5/2010大阪市Japan
ReiSatouPTQ - 1st Place12/9/2010千葉市Japan
CarlosOteroPTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010A CoruñaSpain
JakubTothPTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010Beroun 2Czech Republic
ZacharyKaskanPTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010ButlerUnited States
RossMerriamPTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010CharlestownUnited States
MichaelKingPTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010DenverUnited States
WernerCloetePTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010DurbanSouth Africa
AaronCooneyPTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010IndianapolisUnited States
MartinCedercrantzPTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010MalmöSweden
OmarHernandezPTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010New YorkUnited States
EduardoBorgesPTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010Porto Alegre - RSBrazil
KennyMayerPTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010RoanokeUnited States
GabrielRogasnerPTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010RoswellUnited States
DavidBedollPTQ - 1st Place12/11/2010WichitaUnited States
AndreasKrommydasPTQ - 1st Place12/12/2010AthensGreece
HadrienCatonnePTQ - 1st Place12/12/2010DijonFrance
JobMeertensPTQ - 1st Place12/12/2010EindhovenNetherlands
ChristianBlavierPTQ - 1st Place12/12/2010FalisolleBelgium
JanBrozekPTQ - 1st Place12/12/2010PrahaCzech Republic
JoshSmithPTQ - 1st Place12/12/2010St CharlesUnited States
Jean MarcCaronPTQ - 1st Place12/12/2010TorinoItaly
RaulRabionetPTQ - 1st Place12/18/2010Alcalá Comics - MadridSpain
BrandonNelsonPTQ - 1st Place12/18/2010BurnsvilleUnited States
BillSennewayPTQ - 1st Place12/18/2010ColumbusUnited States
JoseHolguinPTQ - 1st Place12/18/2010Costa MesaUnited States
CalossofuentesPTQ - 1st Place12/18/2010EdisonUnited States
YaroslavShlyakhovPTQ - 1st Place12/18/2010KievUkraine
DougTicePTQ - 1st Place12/18/2010MadisonUnited States
WilliamLowryPTQ - 1st Place12/18/2010San AntonioUnited States
AristidesCamaraPTQ - 1st Place12/18/2010São PauloBrazil
DavidDerricksonPTQ - 1st Place12/18/2010SeattleUnited States
ValentinMacklPTQ - 1st Place12/18/2010WienAustria
PaoloMagnaniPTQ - 1st Place12/19/2010arezzoItaly
JohannesAldingerPTQ - 1st Place12/19/2010BaselSwitzerland
VincentLemoinePTQ - 1st Place12/19/2010BrusselBelgium
PierreBaussaronPTQ - 1st Place12/19/2010ReimsFrance
PawelSadowskiPTQ - 1st Place12/19/2010VyškovCzech Republic
TomisavSuèiæPTQ - 1st Place12/19/2010ZagrebCroatia (Hrvatska)
KenyonColloranPTQ - 1st Place12/19/2010丸亀市Japan
ZivTzoranPTQ - 1st Place12/25/2010Tel AvivIsrael
AlexMajlatonPTQ - 1st Place12/26/2010College ParkUnited States
TomoyukiHonnamiPTQ - 1st Place12/26/2010板橋区Japan
KenYukuhiroPTQ - 1st Place12/26/2010福岡市Japan
ChristophHölzlPTQ - 1st Place12/27/2010HanauGermany
JiriNetrefaPTQ - 1st Place12/28/2010HanauGermany
ThomasSteegerPTQ - 1st Place12/29/2010HanauGerman

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September 16, 2021

The New Legends of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt by, Ari Zirulnik and Grace Fong

Harvesttide is wild this year! Tons of new faces showed up to the party—let's do some introductions. Adeline, Resplendent Cathar Adeline is an excellent tactician and an unyielding fo...

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