Jake’s Top Ten Things to Be Excited about in 2006

Posted in Feature on December 20, 2005

By Jake Theis

What would an end-of-the-year newsletter be without an obligatory Top Ten list? Instead of listing the top ten things of 2005, however, I'm going to list the things coming up in 2006 that I am excited about.

2005 was an amazing year for Magic, capped off by the stupendous-ness (Fake word count = 1, let's see how many we can get) of the Ravnica release. I am positive that 2006 will take Magic to all new levels, and partner, you better believe that I'm stoked to see what's barreling down the pipes. Without any further interruptions, I bring you . . .

Jake's Top Ten

10) More Magic Mobile Wallpapers

I don't know if we can top my personal favorite, Helldozer, but there are some purdy pictures coming up in 2006. The wallpapers are only a piece of the amazing stuff coming up, though. By the end of 2006, we should have a suite of new offerings for you, the mobile Magic fan. Until then, you'll just have to subsist on amazing, gorgeous, timeless Magic wallpapers. If you want to grab one now, head over to magic.ecms.proteus.com.

9) Friday Night Magic

New cards to play, new prize foils to win, same store to rule! FNM is my favorite Magic program. Before getting my ultra-cool position working on Magic Brand, I used to have some pretty crumby jobs. FNM was the beacon at the end of the workweek. It was the signal that the weekend had arrived and it was time to unwind. Also, there are few things more interesting than beating your friends in sanctioned Magic play. Plus, you get a whole week to brag...

8) Codename: Snap

If I could tell you more about Snap, this would be #1 on the list...or higher (#0.5, I guess). Not being able to tell you just how awesome this set is would be a tease. Oh wait - I am being a tease. Suffice it to say that this set will blow people's minds. I hope Wizards of the Coast doesn't assume legal liability for blown cerebral cortexes. Those lawsuits, combined with the ones involving paper cuts, would definitely be trouble.

7) 2nd Class of the Magic Hall of Fame

The debates raged this year. Tears were shed; names were called. In the end, the inaugural Hall of Fame class was inducted at Worlds. The ceremony was ... in a compound word, bone-chilling. Next year should be just as captivating.

6) PT: Prague

Prague is perennially listed as one of the top up-and-coming cities in the world. It also is considered one of the gateways linking Eastern and Western Europe. Also, I really need to go there...You see, I was told Pilsner was created near Prague. I may have to go on a fact-finding mission. Oh yeah, the format is going to be Ravnica-Guildpact-Dissension draft. Hoo-yah!

5) Magic Online 3.0

One more reason for my wife to hate Magic... The paper game currently takes up about 75% of my thoughts. Magic Online takes about 20%, leaving my poor wife with about 5% of my already forgetful, cloudy mind. Once Magic Online 3.0 is released, I may have to write my name on my right hand and my wife's name on my left to remember them. I don't know where I'm going to write my anniversary date down.

4) PT: Honolulu

Luau?! Tiki?! Playing Magic to get there? I'm in. Well, I would be if I could go. Seriously, who wouldn't want to play cards, win thousands of dollars, and go to one of the top destinations in the world? Competition for those plane tickets may be at an all-time high; I know I would be gunning for my airfare.

3) Coldsnap

Ice Age block is back! Everyone knows I'm Kjeldoran Kjrazy. Well, just crazy . . . all I know is that there better be a Yeti in this set, or there is going to be trouble. I'm curious to see what elements of Ice Age and Alliances will be incorporated into the set. As I recall, there are some pretty strange and powerful cards in those sets. Either way, I loves me some old-school Magic.

2) Guildpact and Dissension

We all know how insane Ravnica is; we all know how fun it is to draft. We all know how insane Invasion was; we all know how fun it was to draft. Hmmm. Seems to me like history is ready to repeat itself.

Even if you don't draft, there are going to be things. Wonderful things. Like six more guilds with six more guildleaders, six more dual lands, and hundreds of more gold and hybrid cards. 'Nuff said!

1) Worlds in the Louvre!

It has always been a life goal of mine to sneak a Magic card into the Louvre and put it on a wall next to say... a Mona Lisa or a Venus De Milo. The trick will be coming up with what card. Maybe the fans should tell me which card to hang up? Ninth Edition Serra Angel? Maybe... Finding little velvet stanchions may be tough, too. Magic is coming to the home of fine art, and I intend for us to stay there, until security tosses me onto the Rue. If the possibility of security beating me doesn't peak your interest, perhaps the world's top Magic players locking horns will. This year's Player of the Year race was heated, and with today's talent being as competitive as it is, I expect next year's race won't disappoint.

Happy Holidays from your buddies at Wizards! Remember, shuffling cards is better than shoveling driveways.

Jake Theis is an Assistant Brand Manager for Magic. Letting the Managing Editor write Jake's bio means that anything is fair game - like mentioning his predilection for My Little Pony videos.

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