Journey into Nyx Credits

Posted in Feature on April 2, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

Original Magic Game Design: Richard Garfield

Initial Concept and Game Design: Ethan Fleischer (lead), Dan Emmons, Erik Lauer, Mark Rosewater, and Matt Tabak

Final Game Design and Development: David Humpherys (lead), Ian Duke, Tom Jenkot, Erik Lauer, and Ken Nagle, with contributions from Matt Tabak

Magic R&D Leads : Aaron Forsythe (senior director), Mark Rosewater(design), Erik Lauer (development), and Mark Globus (producer)

Editing: Kelly Digges, Tim Aten, Del Laugel, and Matt Tabak

Creative Direction: Brady Dommermuth

Card Naming and Flavor Text: Ari Levitch, Doug Beyer, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Jenna Helland, Adam Lee, Ben Alexander, Matt Knicl, Christa Knott-Dufresne, Rei Nakazawa, Ben Placzek, and Steven Stewart

Story and World Development: Brady Dommermuth (lead), Jenna Helland, Doug Beyer, Adam Lee, Richard Whitters, Fleetwood Robbins, Jeremy Jarvis, Sam Burley, Eric Deschamps, Todd Lockwood, Peter Mohrbacher, Adam Paquette, and Steve Prescott

Art Direction: Jeremy Jarvis, Dawn Murin, Matt Cavotta, Lisa Hanson, Matt Adelsperger, and Ryan Sansaver

Graphic Design: Leon Cortez, Jino Choi, Tom Jenkot, and Pamela Ansman-Wolfe

Graphic Production: Chris Hanis, Steve Nashem, and Erika Vergel de Dios

Original Magic Graphic Design : Jesper Myrfors, Lisa Stevens, and Christopher Rush

Brand Management: Elaine Chase (senior director), Mark Purvis (director), Brian Trunk, Paul Levy, Adam Colby, Jennifer Meyen, Greg Collins, Trick Jarrett, and Mike McArtor

Production Management: David Stevens, Kelly Bingham, and Jane Flohrschutz

Program Management: Paul Barclay, Kim Graham, Andy Smith, and Sarah Taus

Additional Playtesting: Peter Beckfield, Paul Clinkingbeard, Nik Davidson, Kelly Digges, Chris Dupuis, Aaron Forsythe, Mark Globus, Mark L. Gottlieb, Dave Guskin, Matt Hamilton, James Hata, Ben Hayes, Dan Helland, Graeme Hopkins, Joe Huber, Masami Ibamoto, Kelly Ingram, Trick Jarrett, Josh Jelin, Mons Johnson, Tom LaPille, Jonathon Loucks, Shawn Main, Dave Marsee, Bill McQuillan, Jennifer Meyen, Billy Moreno, Jacob Nourigat, Robert Schuster, Matt Smith, James Sooy, Ryan Spain, Sam Stoddard, Ken Troop, Gavin Verhey, and Steve Warner

Thanks to all of our project team members and to the many others too numerous to mention who have contributed to this product.

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