Junk Ramp

Posted in Feature on October 24, 2012

By Conley Woods

Pretty much every Green-White-Black deck built these days has the name 'Junk'tagged on to it in one form or another. Junk Ramp or Junk Aggro are both things that exist, but for the most part, the name refers to Green-White-Black Midrange strategies, such as the Doran decks that have been played over the past few years.

Abrupt Decay

While Junk Ramp was something that occasionally showed up prior to Return to Ravnica, true Junk decks have not been seen for quite some time. With Selesnya and Golgari both being featured in Return to Ravnica though, Junk seems to be alive and kickin'. Marshall Candelaria played the Junk list below to a top 8 finish at his 2012 Idaho States.

The list features many of the traditional things found in Junk. Creatures with "enters the battlefield" effects are favored over anything with just a good rate, because the deck wants to build a small advantage over time. Versatile removal, such as Abrupt Decay, is always found in the archetype when it exists, allowing it to play the control role against aggro and the aggro role against control. This particular version then finishes off the game with heavy hitters like Armada Wurm and Sigarda, Host of Herons or Angel of Serenity. And if you were not sure, yes, that is in fact a Disciple of Bolas sighting!

Marshall Candelaria - Junk Midrange

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