The Kitchen Sink

Posted in Feature on September 5, 2012

By Conley Woods

When you think about black as a color, it really does have a deep bag of tricks. Outside of interacting with enchantments and artifacts that have already hit play, what else can't it do? Need a creature killed? Black. A card plucked from someone's hand? Black. Need to remove that Golgari Grave-Troll that has been causing you problems from the graveyard? Black. This kind of explains why there is a huge love of Mono-black Control. Theoretically, the deck can cover just about every one of its bases. But what if we took the control out of mono-black?

Geth's Verdict

Jonathan Caro decided that was what he was going to do at the recent TCGPlayer Open in Dallas, Texas. Black is always going to have some controlling elements by nature, but the core strategy can certainly shift in mentality. You can see in Jon's list that he retains elements of a control deck, like Geth's Verdict, Sign in Blood, or Despise, but once you look at the creatures, you can see a different story unfold. Here you have a lot more of a midrange strategy in mind, which shifts this entire deck over to more of a "Rock" style of deck.

By dipping his toes into so many different waters, Jonathan can take full advantage of everything Black has to offer along its broad spectrum—a decent bit of removal, some hand disruption, card draw, sweeper, life gain. This deck can morph against any opponent, turning the match up in your favor. The downside, of course, is that at times the deck fails to deliver the right pieces at the right time, but it is still an awesome archetype with a lot of potential!

Jonathan Caro's Mono-Black Midrange

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