Koth of the Hammer

Posted in Feature on September 10, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Koth is a planeswalker who wields red magic. His specialty is geomancy, spells that move mountains, shatter stone and melt iron. His earth magic has a special strength in it that allows him to purify metal, which reflects Koth’s own inner desire to bring peace and harmony to his people.

Koth is a vulshok from the Hammer tribe who dwell in the Oxidda chain of mountains on the plane of Mirrodin. His planeswalker spark ignited when the tribes of his once-peaceful people fell into open war for the first time in generations. The metal his people had traditionally mined from the mountains of Oxidda became strangely corrupted; the ingots forged by the Anvil tribe turned brittle and inconsistent. Each tribe blamed the others for the weakness of their sacred ore and old hatreds began to reemerge. Koth believed he could use his ability to purify the ore. With Koth’s help, the solidity of the metal became restored and the skirmishes between tribes slowed. Koth is a passionate leader of his people, but he is also wise for his years, taking counsel before rushing headlong into action. But if action is called for, Koth is a decisive man of few words, and can bring a mountain down on top of anyone who dares to threaten his home.

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