Kuldotha Red

Posted in Feature on January 31, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Zac Hill's Kuldotha Red

The Mirrodin Besieged Prerelease weekend has come and gone! Wizards of the Coast R&D member Zac Hill spent some time gunslinging on the East Coast for the event. The deck he brought into battle? This spicy red number! It's the fastest of the fast, using the powerful Kuldotha Rebirth to create a field of 1/1 Goblin tokens. Of course, 1/1s aren't exactly known for their battle prowess. Fortunately, a little help from some battle cry out of the likes of Goblin Wardriver and Contested War Zone and the 1/1 Goblins are quickly leveled up into much, MUCH larger threats!

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