Legacy Miracles

Posted in Feature on May 23, 2012

By Gavin Verhey

When Gavin Verhey was eleven, he dreamt of a job making Magic cards—and now as a Magic designer, he's living his dream! Gavin has been writing about Magic since 2005.

Nearly every card in Magic is available to play in Legacy, but that doesn't stop new cards from breaking into the format! At the StarCityGames.com Open Series in Orlando last weekend, Shawn French debuted a Legacy deck that puts the brand new miracle mechanic to good use. By using classic Blue-White Control elements mixed in with some miracle flavor, Shawn was able to catapult himself into third place!

This deck sets up in a very traditional manner that stalwart Legacy players will find familiar. Force of Will; Counterspell; Swords to Plowshares; Sensei's Divining Top; Brainstorm; and Jace, the Mind Sculptor make up the core, supplemented by a couple situational counterspells and the versatile Snapcaster Mage. The deck will deplete your resources via attrition, get up on cards, and then eventually finish you off with Vendilion Clique...

Or an Entreat the Angels! By using miracles alongside Brainstorm, Ponder, Jace, and Sensei's Divining Top, it is incredibly easy for this deck to set up the miracle ability on Entreat the Angels or Terminus. It's even fairly easy to miracle on the opponent's turn thanks to Sensei's Divining Top!

With a Counterbalance sideboard to fight storm and cheap beatdown decks, this deck tries to keep all of its bases covered. If you're looking for an update of a classic Legacy deck, this might be just what you're looking for!

Shawn French's Blue-White Miracles

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