LoadingReadyRun SOI Pre-Prerelease Decklists

Posted in Feature on March 29, 2016

By Wizards of the Coast

LoadingReadyRun gathered a bunch of community members together this past weekend for a pre-Prerelease of Shadows over Innistrad and filmed the whole thing. With nearly 6 and a half hours of content, you'll almost never run out of video to watch between your boss's infrequent visits to your desk.

Not that we would condone watching hours of Prerelease footage at work.

But you could.

The decklists for each participant—including the deck Kenji Egashira used to win the whole thing—can be found below.


Kathleen's deck

Download Arena Decklist


Cameron's deck

Download Arena Decklist



Kenji's deck

Download Arena Decklist


Jimmy's deck

Download Arena Decklist


Graham's deck

Download Arena Decklist


James's deck

Download Arena Decklist


Marshall's deck

Download Arena Decklist


Athena's deck

Download Arena Decklist

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