Loam Pyromancer

Posted in Feature on April 23, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

Ever since Bronson Magnan won Grand Prix Lincoln with Life from the Loam/Seismic Assault, it has remained a fringe deck in Modern. With Deathrite Shaman gone, graveyard strategies are a little safer, so it wouldn't surprise me if a Loam-based strategy got more popular.

Life from the Loam

Whether or not to play creatures (and if yes, which ones) was always a hotly debated topic. In this case, you get to play Smallpox, which you didn't want to do if you had Tarmogoyfs in your deck. Smallpox is a huge reason to play this deck, but you do want some way to win if your graveyard is being attacked. Planeswalkers are certainly an option, but Young Pyromancer seems to fit the role better. With six retrace cards alongside a bevy of other cheap spells, you'll be making multiple tokens per turn.

Smallpox and Raven's Crime are your best cards to fight combo, but Abrupt Decay helps against most combos, too. Against creatures, you have Elemental tokens to block for days, Flame Jab to clear out the weenies, and Seismic Assault to dominate the midgame.

There is always the issue of not drawing Life from the Loam, so it's important to either have cards that find it or ways to function when you don't have it. Faithless Looting is the best card available for bringing the entire package together, and I'm a big fan of the finished product.

DrPringles's Loam Control

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