Lorwyn Prerelease Weekend is Here!

Posted in Feature on September 28, 2007

By magicthegathering.com Staff

In case you somehow missed the news, the Lorwyn Worldwide Prerelease Weekend is here! The new set won’t be sold in stores until October 12, but this special event is your chance to get your hands on Lorwyn early, experience Magic‘s new big set in all its glory, and play your new cards with other fans of the game in an environment that’s welcoming to players of all experience levels.

If you’re a newer player or just new to organized events, a great place to start is the Lorwyn Prerelease Primer, a quick article that walks you through what to expect and all the basics you’ll need to know. By the time you’re done, you’ll see why so many of us look forward to prerelease and release events as high points of the year.

This year Wizards is also providing each of the event organizers with Lorwyn theme decks to purchase for Open Dueling. Each of these five preconstructed decks is ready to go right out of the box, so even if you’re new to events or tournaments aren’t your thing, this new program is a great way for new players to get in on the fun, even if you’ve never built a deck before. On top of all that, some locations may offer other options like three-person team and Two-Headed Giant formats. Multiplayer formats like these are also great chances for new players, since they can team up with more experienced veterans for help. (Contact your local event organizers for more details or any questions you may have.)

The official Lorwyn product page is packed with information on the new set, features a complete reference of cards officially previewed, and contains links to the downloadable rules primers (in nine languages). The rules primer is written with the Lorwyn prerelease specifically in mind, so it covers any new rules interactions you may need to be aware of, as well as a great walk-through of the set’s new mechanics like the new tribal and planeswalker card types, including specific Lorwyn cards as examples.

In addition to being your first chance to actually get your hands on the new set while meeting other fans of the game, these events feature prizes and other incentives, a more relaxed environment for newer players to get in on the fun with some help from the more experienced players, plus all tournament participants receive a special commemorative Lorwyn prerelease promo card while supplies last.

It’s all going down this weekend, and only this weekend, so don’t miss your chance. Go to the Lorwyn Worldwide Prerelease Fact Sheet , find the location nearest you, and get out and play!

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