Lost Boys

Posted in Feature on July 31, 2012

By Conley Woods

It took quite a while for infect to branch out, but over the last few months, with the Scars of Mirrodin block on the brink of rotation, infect has poked its head into the game. Over the last few weeks, we have gone over everything from Mono-Blue Infect to Mono-Black Infect to an Infect list that wanted to go all in on the third turn. One thing we certainly have not seen as of yet, though, are any white infected creatures....

Lost Leonin

Alejandro Villa decided he was going to be a part of the movement to change that. This White-Black Infect list combines two popular themes over the past few weeks and features the often overlooked Lost Leonin. That lost kitty, along with its flying equivalent, a Knight that has gone full-on Zombie, and a nasty infected Dragon, spell out the deck's threats like they were straight out of the Lost Boys movie. There is even only one Skithiryx to give it the feel of a Dragon end boss!

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, while playing a vital role in the theoretical movie, also plays a vital role in the chemistry of the deck. While the Vampires he produces do not infect, they do gain you life and wear a Sword as well as anyone. The real boost of the Planeswalker is in the anthem effect, though, as he is able to increase the potency of your infect threats. Round out the deck with a ton of versatile removal that black and white enjoy, sprinkle some Lingering Souls in for good measure, and voila! White-Black Infect. I think we are all still holding out for Red-White Infect, though...

Alejandro Villa's White-Black Infect

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