Magic 2010 Promos

Posted in Feature on June 30, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic 2010 is only a few weeks away. If you play in the prerelease (July 11-12), you'll get this:

And if you play in a Launch Party (July 17-19), you'll get this:

There are, of course, versions in other languages. But before we show those off, how about today's update of Core Set Survivor?

Core Set Survivor!

There are exactly sixteen cards that have been in every core set from Alpha to Tenth Edition. When Magic 2010 comes out, only eight cards will have been in every core set. Over the weeks before the Magic 2010 prerelease, we'll be counting them down in this special Arcana sub-feature, giving you an "IN" or "OUT" on one card a day. Step forward, Howling Mine.

Reveal Howling Mine's fate!

Air Elemental
Bog Wraith
Drudge Skeletons—IN
Giant Growth—IN
Giant Spider
Goblin King—OUT
Grizzly Bears—OUT
Howling Mine
Orcish Artillery
Rod of Ruin
Samite Healer
Scathe Zombies
Wrath of God

Howling Mine


Well, that was exciting. And now, here are the non-English versions of the Prerelease and Launch Party foil cards!


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