Magic 2011 Exclusive Previews

Posted in Feature on July 2, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Previews for the Magic 2011 core set are still happening. As you no doubt know, you can already find lots of cards, both new and reprinted, in the Visual Spoiler on the M11 mini-site. But what about the cards yet to be previewed? What about the cards that are appearing right now on other websites than this one?

Well, that's where we come in! We can't guarantee exactly when these cards will appear, but we know they'll probably show up right about when you see this. So, just like last week, here are the card names of the exclusive previews that should be going up tonight. We can't tell you what they do yet—that would be what "exclusive" means!—but you can follow the links below to find out. Oh, and for some of these it might help to speak French. And Italian. And Japanese. Good luck!

Card NameSite
Quag SicknessGood Gamery
Brittle EffigyMagicCorporation
Leyline of PunishmentManaNation
Call to
Dark TutelageMTGCast
Wild EvocationPojo
Vengeful ArchonPureMTGO
Elixir of ImmortalityRobot Viking
Cyclops GladiatorTCGPlayer
Leyline of
Serra AscendantWired: Geek Dad

(Oh, and if you speak any of those languages, click the Discuss link below to help translate for everyone else! English card images of all these cards will be in the Visual Spoiler on Monday, of course, but that's practically days away!)

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