Magic Fun in the San Juan Sun

Posted in Feature on April 14, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Got your summer vacation planned yet? Let us suggest a weekend in tropical San Juan, Puerto Rico to take in all the sun, sand, and Magic you can handle!

From May 27-30, Magic: The Gathering takes over the Puerto Rico Convention Center for Pro Tour–San Juan. Along with the main event, there are four days full of Magic events and activities open to the public. Play against Wizards of the Coast R&D in an exclusive premiere of Archenemy, meet Magic artists, win great prizes in both paper and Magic Online tournaments, watch the top Pros battle it out for part of the $230,000 prize purse, and soak in the experience of being among hundreds of Magic fans and players from all around the world.

Kick off your long Caribbean weekend Thursday morning by visiting some of San Juan's famous sites, including Fort de San Felipe del Morro overlooking San Juan Bay, or just lounging around one of the many nearby beaches. Head to the Convention Center in the afternoon to register for the Last-Chance Qualifier, a Standard-format tournament where the top four finishers earn a spot in Friday's main event. You can also take a shot at qualifying for the Magic Online Live Series final—and a shot at the $2,000 first prize—in the first of four Live Series qualifiers.

You'll want to get at least a few hours of sleep Thursday night because Friday is loaded with Magic activities. Public Events open at 9 a.m., with the first scheduled event kicking off at 10 a.m. Friday's top prizes include 64GB iPod Touches, premium foil sets of all Standard-legal cards, and 10 Revised dual lands across such formats as Two-Headed Giant Rise of the Eldrazi Sealed, Standard, Legacy, and more.

Friday also offers fans the first chance to see the new "One vs. Many" multiplayer product Archenemy! That's right, three weeks before it goes on sale you'll be able see it in action by battling Wizards of the Coast R&D members Tom LaPille, Brian Tinsman, Ken Nagle, Matt Tabak, and Mark Globus, as well as Pro Tour Hall of Famers Randy Buehler and Alan Comer, in the Champions Challenge area.

If you're a fan of Magic artwork, there may not be a better show to attend than San Juan. Aleksi Briclot and John Avon will be there signing cards and selling prints Friday through Sunday. Aleksi rose to Magic prominence with his work on the five original planeswalkers in Lorwyn, while John has been producing Magic card art for 13 years—including some of the stunning full-frame land from Zendikar. To learn more about each artist and see their complete card portfolios, click here.

By now we think you'll be having a pretty good time at the Pro Tour, so why not secure your spot at the next one? Saturday morning features the Pro Tour–Amsterdam Qualifier, where not only does the winner get an invitation to the main event, but they also get airfare to Amsterdam! The day's other public events feature prizes such as iPads (upon availability), three-round byes at any 2010 Grand Prix, an xBox Elite gaming system, digital cameras, iPod Touches, and complete foil sets of the Zendikar block. And of course there are non-stop four- and eight-person pick-up events such as Booster Drafts, all types of Constructed formats, Two-Headed Giant, Planechase, and EDH with Magic booster packs given out to top finishers.

Saturday's activities culminate with a double whammy of multiplayer excitement: a Grand Melee and then Massive Multiplayer Magic! The Rise of the Eldrazi Sealed Deck Grand Melee kicks off at 6 p.m.—just imagine the havoc you can wreak by playing one of the Eldrazi titans. Then finish off your multiplayer fun by being part of Massive Magic, where this time three audience members will be paired with Wizards R&D members to battle with oversized cards and a special multiplayer wrinkle.

A scene from the last Massive Magic, held at Pro Tour–San Diego.

You might think that you've had enough Magic by now, but you'd be wrong. Sunday has the Top 8 webcast viewable on a huge screen in the hall, the $3,000 Booster Draft Challenge, Magic Online New Account Booster Drafts, more Standard and Sealed Deck events, plus the WPN Championship. The only way to qualify for the WPN Championship is to win a WPN qualifier going on now throughout North and Latin America. Find a qualifier near you with the Event Locator above! Why do you want to qualify for the WPN Championship, you ask? The winner gets airfare and hotel provided for Pro Tour–Amsterdam in early September, meaning you could repeat this amazing weekend again!

So what are you waiting for? Book a ticket and we'll see you in Puerto Rico!

Come by the Wizards Information Booth at Pro Tour–San Juan and get your premium foil copy of Avatar of Woe (while supplies last).

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