Magic Online Championship Series -- Season 5 Last Chance Qualifiers

Posted in Feature on July 30, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

The Magic Online Championship Series Season 5 LCQs will offer the opportunity for all Magic Online users that have earned at least 10 QPs but not yet qualified for the Season 5 Championship to qualify.

Each player who has earned 10-14 QPs by the end of Season 5 will be allowed to enter any and/or all of the scheduled LCQ tournaments. Players who have qualified for the Season 5 Championship (earned 15 QPs or more in Season 5) are not eligible to enter these LCQs.

Complete lists of all players that have earned 10-14 and 15+ QPs will be posted during or shortly after the Wednesday August 19 downtime.

Magic Online Championship Series Season 5 LCQ

START TIMES: There are four events starting at the following times:

  • Wednesday August 19 at 5:00 PM PST
  • Wednesday August 19 at 11:00 PM PST
  • Thursday August 20 at 5:00 AM PST
  • Thursday August 20 at 11:00 AM PST

LOCATION: These events will take place in the “Premier Events” room.

FORMAT: Magic 2010 Sealed

STRUCTURE: Single elimination*

PRODUCT: 6 Magic 2010 boosters

ADMISSION: Sealed product required but no event tickets are needed

PRIZE SUPPORT: Prizes paid as follows:

PlaceMagic 2010 Boosters

Note: These events do NOT award QPs for Season 6.

The top 8 of each LCQ will receive an invitation to participate in the Season 5 Championship (these invitations will NOT pass down in the event of player earning more than one).

Each player that qualifies for the Season 5 Championship through the LCQs will still be eligible to select the “skip tournament” option if they so choose.

* - Single elimination events frequently have a number of first round byes based on attendence. The first round will create a number of byes such that the second round has a number of people in it equal to the highest power of 2 below the starting number of players. For example, if 73 players join the event, there will be 18 players playing in round 1 while 55 players receive byes so that round 2 begins with 64 players. Which players receive the byes and which play during the first round is determined at random. If there is more than one bye, then the system may not display all of the byes in the list of matches.

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