Magic Online Community Cup 2011

Posted in Feature on April 26, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

It is that time again, when the days grow longer and the temperature begins to climb. While many will venture out into the blossoming spring to enjoy the sunshine, Wizards of the Coast employees will be holed up in dark of The Pit, devising decks and plotting strategies to finally win the Community Cup and finally defeat that meddling Community Team.

For those who do not know, the Community Cup is a chance for the Magic Online team to say thanks to a handful of dedicated community members by flying them out to our fabulous Renton headquarters and challenging them to several rounds of Magic Online play. In addition to the glory of defending the trophy a second time, the Community Team will be battling Wizards staff for a chance to win something for the Magic Online community at large -- well at least for those who participate!

In 2009 we gave all contributors a Momir Vig avatar and an accompanying Momir Basic Event. Last year players who contributed received a Mirrodin Block draft set and an event to use them in. While this year's reward is still being decided (though it is largely irrelevant since the Wizards team will win), you can start participating right now!

It is time for you, the lovely (but eminently beatable) community, to give us suggestions on who you would like to see represent you at the event. While Wizards of the Coast will ultimately make the final decision about who is invited to participate in the Community Cup, at its sole discretion, this is your chance to make your voice heard.

Please email us (using the "Ask a Question" tab) your Community Cup player recommendations by May 4, 2011 and use the following subject line: Community Cup Player Suggestion. When nominating someone for the Community Team, make sure that you let us know WHY this person deserves to represent the MTGO community in the Community Cup. Please use the following format for your suggestions:

  • Person Nominated: Nominated person's forum name, MTGO user name, and/or first name and last initial (unless they are already a public figure)
  • Why: A summary of the nominated players complete awesomeness, preferably with examples or links
  • Your MTGO User Name: So you can reap the Community Cup rewards in the unlikely event the Community Team wins

When recommending potential players, keep the following thoughts in mind:

  • What are this person's contributions to Magic Online while in the game? Tirelessly running PRE events in the casual room, creating and sustain casual formats, and helping new players get started are all things that fall into this category.
  • What is his or her contribution to the Magic Online community outside of the game? Constant conversation in the forums, answering questions, and/or being proactive in the community has all helped previous players get selected.
  • What does this person do to help raise awareness for Magic Online? Game play articles on non-digital sites, draft videos, and Tweets about MTGO are all fine ways to expand public awareness about Magic Online.
  • How well will this person represent the community at the event? Are they a good sport or a win at all costs type. Do they advocate for the players as a whole? How gracefully will they handle losing?

In addition, we have set up a thread so you can discuss what qualities you are looking for in your representatives. When posting, please remember to follow the Wizards Community Code of Conduct.

As you make your recommendations, look at past players who have previously been invited to get an idea of what we are looking for. We've had a wide selection of players: format pioneers, VCLs, forum regulars, website managers, casual players, and pros. MTGO players can come from all backgrounds and play styles, and it is this diversity in the community that this event celebrates.

Finally, to really understand the kind of player this event needs you need look no farther than the memory of Erik Friborg. A paragon of the community, Erik was a friendly player, a fair critic, a constant experimenter, a public leader, a patient teacher, a tireless advocate, and a common voice for all things Magic Online. He had a huge part in shaping this community and a no-brainer inclusion and first pick for the original Community Cup. With tireless optimism and endless cries of "Multiball", his attitude helped shape the friendly competitiveness that embodies this event.

While he will certainly be missed throughout the entire Magic Online community, he will not be forgotten. In tribute to Erik, we are happy to announce that the trophy awarded to the winner of the Community Cup will be renamed the Erik "Hamtastic" Friborg Memorial Trophy. While it does not reflect the true impact that Erik had on the community, it does let us celebrate his contribution every year as we bring the community together.

Now is your chance to pick up the torch Erik carried. Get to the forum, make your recommendations, and make this community yours.

Stay tuned for more information, including the Community Cup dates, in the coming weeks!

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