Magic Online Development Update Q3 2011

Posted in Feature on October 4, 2011

By Gordon Culp

The Magic 2012 Core Set release broke Magic Online’s concurrent user and activity records, continuing a pattern that began with the M10 release. The new client project continues to progress rapidly. Our current infrastructure project is a server upgrade that is bundled with an update to our eCommerce services.

New Client
The new client UI is up and running in a closed beta for select users alongside the Innistrad beta users. We will add more and more users to the new client in the beta environment as stability improves. Our intention is to have the new client available at the same time as the current client for some period of time when it is launched so players can make the switch at their own pace.

Infrastructure Update
The Stacked Digital Objects and Collation Update project, which also included the introduction of support for Phantom events, has accomplished its goals of significantly increasing the system’s capacity to support more users and activity. The current infrastructure project involves increasing the capabilities of our DOBS server class by running it as a 64bit application, and a complete upgrade and reorganization or our eCommerce code into appropriately modern services.

Q3 Maintenance
The Live Team continues to ship fixes to all levels of the system during our monthly maintenance builds. Their work on internal tools, reporting systems, infrastructure bugs, and such is not always visible to our customers, but is an important part of the system’s stability and usabilty. The Live Team has also done a lot of work to integrate support for the new client into the production branch.

2011 Magic Online Development Plan

  • Deliver Quality Card Set Releases - Ongoing
  • Alternate Entries - Shipped Jan 2011
  • New WPF Client - In progress, on schedule
  • Digital Object Storage and Collation update – Shipped July 2011
  • Phantom Events – Shipped July 2011
  • Multiplayer Support – Shipped June 29
  • Leagues – We are still evaluating several potential development dates for leagues. The final date will be determined by the overall needs of the business team, but we expect development would begin no later than Q3 of 2012

Gordon Culp
Director – Game and Brand Systems Design
Game and Brand Systems
Wizards of the Coast, LLC

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