Magic Online Holiday Celebration

Posted in Feature on December 18, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

As a thank you to our players, Wizards of the Coast will be running a series of special events and promotions during its 2008 Magic Online Holiday Celebration.

The 2008 Magic Online Holiday Celebration will run between 10 AM PST/1800 UTC Friday December 19 and 10 AM PST/1800 UTC Monday January 5.

Nix Tix Drafts!

All drafts in the 8-player draft room will be Nix Tix events during the 2008 Holiday Celebration. This means you only need to supply the boosters. Regular draft prizes will be awarded but no event tickets will be charged for these events!

In addition, we will turn on some cherished classic draft queues as well. Dig out those unopened boosters from Magic Online's past and try and win even more!

8-Player Swiss Sealed Queues!

We will be running a couple of 8-player Swiss Sealed queues for the first time during the 2008 Holiday Celebration too. Now you will have a chance to test out your classic (Tempest) or modern (Tenth Edition or Shards of Alara) Sealed Deck skills at your convenience!

Swiss Sealed Queues

FORMATS: 8-player Swiss Sealed events (3 rounds)
PRODUCT: 1 TE TP and 2 TE boosters OR 1 ALA TP and 2 ALA boosters OR 5 10E boosters
ADMISSION: 2 Tix, Product
PRIZE SUPPORT: 2 booster packs per win

IPA XII Qualifiers and Championship!

It's been over a year since our last Invasion Block tournament so we are excited to bring you IPA XII for the holidays! Play your favorite formats in any of the designated IPA XII daily events. If you finish in the Top 8 in any of those events or win any of the last chance qualifier queues, you qualify for the IPA XII Championship being held on January 3rd where you get to crack open Invasion block product and try to win yourself even more!

Earn a Promo Card!

As a final thank you for a great 2008, you can earn your very own digital foil Wooly Thoctar featuring festive holiday colors, yule surely enjoy this gift, yours free after you sleigh your competition.

Simply participate in any tournament during the holiday period and it's yours! (Limit 1 per account).*

Wizards of the Coast thanks you for your support and wishes you and your family a happy and safe holiday season.

* This promotional Magic Online card will be awarded to each eligible account in January 2009. An account is eligible to be awarded one copy of this premium promo card if it participates in 1 or more Magic Online tournaments between 10 AM PST/1800 UTC (GMT) Friday December 19, 2008 and 10 AM PST/1800 UTC (GMT) Monday January 5, 2009. Limit one per account.

These cards will be awarded in January 2009.

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