Magic: the Puzzling - A Time Spiral Sneaky Preview - Solutions

Posted in Feature on September 13, 2006

By Jeff Till

Part I: Card Art and Name

The images are:

  1. Cytoplast Manipulator
  2. Miracle Worker
  3. Ebon Praetor
  4. Guardian Beast
  5. Balduvian Warlord
  6. Dakmor Sorceress
  7. Burning-Tree Shaman
  8. An-Havva Constable
  9. Chaos Harlequin
  10. Momir Vig, Simic Visionary
  11. Mindbender Spores
  12. Guiding Spirit
  13. Gallowbraid
  14. Fylamarid
  15. Descendant of Kiyomaro
  16. PREVIEW_CARD (Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder)
  17. Weird Harvest
  18. Dosan the Falling Leaf
  19. Briarknit Kami
  20. Brine Shaman
  21. Collector Protector
  22. Birds of Paradise
  23. Sage of Lat-Nam
  24. Angus Mackenzie

The unscrambled cards are:

  1. Angus Mackenzie + R
  2. An-Havva Constable + A
  3. Balduvian Warlord + E
  4. Birds of Paradise + D
  5. Briarknit Kami + R
  6. Brine Shaman + E
  7. Burning-Tree Shaman + S
  8. Chaos Harlequin + H
  9. Collector Protector + E
  10. Cytoplast Manipulator + E
  11. Dakmor Sorceress + K
  12. Descendant of Kiyomaro + E
  13. Dosan the Falling Leaf + B
  14. Ebon Praetor + D
  15. Fylamarid + T
  16. Gallowbraid + S
  17. Guardian Beast + R
  18. Guiding Spirit + A
  19. Mindbender Spores + M
  20. Miracle Worker + N
  21. Momir Vig, Simic Visionary + R
  22. Sage of Lat-Nam + E
  23. Weird Harvest + R

This gives a final solution of “Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder”.

Part II: Color and Casting Cost

Lost Soul () = Plague Beetle () + Shuko ()

Ramirez DePietro () = Stone-Throwing Devils () + Prismatic Lace () + Unholy Strength () + Ashnod's Transmogrant ()

Tunneler Wurm () = Patchwork Gnomes () + Lifelace () + Aspect of Wolf () + any 7 Forests (Taiga, Bayou, Savannah, Tropical Island, Stomping Grounds, Breeding Pool, Forest).

Total Savings:

Part III: Rarity

Aladdin (Arabian Nights Rare and Chronicles Uncommon)
Dancing Scimitar (Arabian Nights Rare and 9th Edition Uncommon)
Dragon Engine (Antiquities Common, Revised Rare)
Ivory Tower (Antiquities Uncommon, Revised Rare)
Onulet (Antiquities Uncommon, Revised Rare)

All of these cards have been printed as a Rare.

Part IV: Creature Type

Creature Type 1:

Group 1: Bird, Human, Monk, Thrull, Zombie (Cleric)
Group 2: Beast, Druid, Elf, Plant, Spider (Mutant)
Group 3: Cat, Cleric, Giant, Goblin, Minotaur (Soldier)
Group 4: Avatar, Mercenary, Rogue, Soldier, Warrior (Goblin)
Group 5: Assassin, Insect, Knight, Spirit, Wizard (Zombie)
Final Group: Cleric, Mutant, Soldier, Goblin, Zombie (Wizard)

The final creature type is Wizard.

Creature Type 2: Human.

Part V: Ability

After removing the words mentioned in hints 2, 4, and 6, the following choices are left:

Group 1
discard a card
draw a card
play a creature spell
tap a land for mana

Group 2
put X 1/1 black Thrull creature tokens into play
remove the top X cards of your library from the game
sacrifice X permanents

Group 3
any number between 0 and 4
that spell's converted mana cost
the number of lands your control

Group 4
any opponent controls an even number of permanents
you control seven or more Thrulls
you have no cards in hand

Group 5
sacrifice PREVIEW_CARD
you lose the game
you win the game

Since "more" appears on this card (Hint 6), Group 4 must be "you control seven or more Thrulls".

Group 2 must be "put X 1/1 black Thrull creature tokens into play", since that is the only way Group 2 can share a word with Group 4 (Hint 5).

Group 5 must be "sacrifice PREVIEW_CARD" (Hint 1).

The remaining choices in group 1 have 3, 3, 4, and 5 words. The remaining choices in group 3 have 5, 5, and 6 words. From hints 3 and 7, we can see that if group 1 has 4 or 5 words, we cannot necessarily determine what group 3 is. However, if group 1 had 3 words, group 3 must be the choice with 6 words.

So the final ability is "Whenever you play a creature spell, put X 1/1 black Thrull creature tokens into play, where X is that spell's converted mana cost. When you control seven or more Thrulls, sacrifice PREVIEW_CARD."

Part VI: Power and Toughness

  1. Assume that PREVIEW_CARD's printed power is X.
  2. Sacrifice a Seal of Cleansing to destroy No Mercy.
  3. Sacrifice a Seal of Cleansing to destroy Statecraft.
  4. Allow PREVIEW_CARD to resolve. Pandemonium and 2 Aether Flash triggers go on the stack.
  5. Sacrifice one Serra's Hymn, preventing damage to PREVIEW_CARD. This is Pete's best opportunity to use Seal of Fire, so respond to that by sacrificing the other Hymn.
  6. Your Aether Flash damage is prevented by Light of Sanction. The other Aether Flash and Seal of Fire will each deal 2 damage to PREVIEW_CARD, but Lashknife Barrier will prevent one damage and you can prevent the other with Serra's Hymn.
  7. Pandemonium's trigger resolves, and does 2*X (maximum of 3) damage to Pete.
  8. Attack with PREVIEW_CARD (it has haste thanks to Mass Hysteria). Each Powerstone Minefield triggers. Yours is again prevented, and PREVIEW_CARD takes 2 damage.
  9. PREVIEW_CARD deals 2*X combat damage (maximum of 3) to Pete.
  10. Sacrifice PREVIEW_CARD to Goblin Bombardment to deal 2 more damage to Pete.
  11. If X is 0, Pete would have taken 2 damage. If X were 1, he would have taken 4. With X=2, Pete takes 8 damage, which is more than enough to kill him.
  12. PREVIEW_CARD sustained 2 damage and lives, so his toughness must be 3. After removing the bonus from Parapet, its toughness is 2.
  13. PREVIEW_CARD is a 2/2.

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