Magic Weekend Coming in 2011

Posted in Feature on September 1, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic Weekend

Are you ready to experience nonstop Magic with thousands of players? Grab your cards and make plans to attend Magic Weekend.

Wizards of the Coast is excited to announce the Magic Weekend schedule for 2011. With stops in Paris, Nagoya, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, Magic Weekend is the place to be if you're a Magic fan.

Play in tons of Magic tournaments and events for every skill level and type of player, watch top players battle for glory in the Pro Tour, and more! Go behind the scenes and meet members of the Magic Research and Development team, get your favorite cards signed, and snag some art to bring home at the Magic artist booths. Play a game in the "Champion Challenge" against R&D and luminaries from the Pro Tour Hall of Fame, find that elusive card or special souvenir at the marketplace, and hang out at special social events for players and Wizards staff.

Check out the schedule below, pack your bags with your trade binder and decks (don't forget your camera!), and tell your boss you need a few days off work. It's a weekend you won't want to miss!

More detailed information about the specific activities at each Magic Weekend will be available on as the event approaches. We can already tell you that to kick off Magic Weekend in style, the first stop in Paris will feature both a Pro Tour and a Grand Prix. Be a part of Magic history at the biggest gathering of Magic fans ever!

Paris: February 10–13

  • Location: Espace Champerret
  • Pro Tour format: Standard and Booster Draft with a Standard Top 8
  • Grand Prix format: To be announced
  • Qualifier Season: October 2 through December 31, Sealed Deck format

Nagoya: June 10-12

  • Location: Trade & Industry Center
  • Pro Tour format: Block Constructed and Booster Draft with a Booster Draft Top 8
  • Qualifier Season: January 1 through April 10, Extended format

Philadelphia: September 2-4

  • Location: Philadelphia Convention Center
  • Pro Tour format: Extended and Booster Draft with an Extended Top 8
  • Qualifier Season: April 16 through July 31, Standard format

San Francisco: November 17-20

  • Location: Fort Mason Center
  • 2011 World Championships formats: To be announced

For more information about the Pro Tour portion of Magic Weekend and how you can qualify, visit

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