's Orb of Insight

Posted in Feature on May 5, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast


Type in a single term - with no spaces - in the input field and click Search to have the Orb of Insight reveal the number of instances of that term in the Fifth Dawn expansion spoiler (excluding Flavor Text). Colored casting costs may be searched using U for blue, B for Black, R for Red, G for Green, and W for White. Case doesn't matter.

For example, try...

Only complete matches will be revealed... i.e. searching for the term Arc will not reveal words such as Arcbound but only the specific term Arc. Similarly, searching for 1 will not reveal terms matching one, 1/3, or 2/1 but just the instance of 1 .

Be sure to discuss your results on the message boards!

5/12 Note: "Relentless Rats" card name failed to import correctly into the Orb dataset. We have fixed this to correctly show the proper instance totals.

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