Masques Block Comes to Magic Online

Posted in Feature on October 11, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Tidal Kraken

Follow the crew of the Weatherlight as they crash-land on the plane of Mercadia. After becoming entangled in the intrigues and conflict of Mercadia City, Gerrard and the crew uncover a Phyrexian plot to invade Dominaria. Time is of the essence as the heroes race to repair their ship and stop the destruction of Dominaria.

The Mercadian Masques, Nemesis, and Prophecy sets come to Magic Online on December 5, 2011, in the form of Masques Block Booster Packs! Each Masques Block booster pack contains 15 random cards (1 rare, 3 uncommon, 10 common, and 1 basic land) drawn from throughout the entire block. Release Event Packs containing 6 Masques Block Booster Packs and 6 Event Tickets will also be available.

Experience all 636 cards in this classic block like never before.

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