The Master's Candle

Posted in Feature on December 19, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast is running "best of" content during the holidays, and will return with new content January 4, 2006. This Magic Arcana originally ran January 13, 2005.

Tallowisp (a Betrayers card previewed today by Mark Gottlieb) is the spirit of a candle's flame. According to the art description provided to Ron Spears, it once lit the scrolls and tomes of the legendary kitsune wizard, Autumn-Tail, Kitsune Sage, as indicated by the scrolls in Tallowisp's art. In addition, the shape of Tallowisp's flames are intended reflect the shape of a kitsune's ears.

Of course, Tallowisp probably only helped Autumn-Tail before the kami went to war with the mortals. It looks a bit angrier now than the quiet tapers shown in the art of Kitsune Mystic.

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