Masters Edition II

Posted in Feature on August 20, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Collector's Highlights

Available only on Magic Online, Masters Edition II features 245 cards with randomly-inserted premium cards and goes on sale for a limited time beginning September 22 at a price of $3.99 per booster pack. The cards are legal in the Classic format and any format that uses Classic to define card legality. It is available only in online booster packs and theme decks and the cards are not redeemable for physical product. The set includes 80 rares, 80 uncommons, 80 commons, and 5 snow-covered lands from the Ice Age set.

Masters Edition II is a Magic Online-exclusive set composed entirely of cards originally printed in previous Magic: The Gathering sets and features many of the most popular cards from Magic's past. All cards will appear with their original artwork and original-style card frames.

The set goes on sale in Magic Online beginning September 22. Premier Events and draft queues will begin offering Masters Edition II product when release events commence on September 26.

In the meantime keep watching for four weeks of previews in the Card of the Day slot beginning August 18.

Famous Cards

Shadowmoor Famous Card

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Demigod of Revenge Oona, Queen of the Fae Twilight Shepherd Tower Above

Game Features

Masters Edition II cards are legal in all Classic-based Constructed formats: Classic, Tribal Wars (Classic), Classic with Vanguard, Prismatic, Singleton, and Freeform. Master's Edition II goes on sale for a limited time beginning September 22, 2008, and will then be removed from our product offering with at least one month of notice.

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