Masters Round 4 Feature Match: Jason Zila vs. Sigurd Eskeland

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Sideboard Staff

Game 1

Eskeland gets to go first this game, but has to mulligan his opening hand. He plays an Island to start, and Zila plays Treetop Village. Sigurd then draws Brainstorm and casts it, which gets him the green land he needed. He then casts Birds of Paradise, and ends his turn. Zila draws, and plays a Tropical Island. Eskeland untaps and draws, playing Survival of the Fittest, which Zila Mana Leaks. Zila plays a Wasteland and ends his turn.

Sigurd draws and plays a Brainstorm on his main phase. He then casts Quirion Ranger and uses tricks to play a Spike Weaver, which resolves. Zila takes his turn and plays Wall of Blossoms, and a second Wasteland. On the next turn, Sigurd untaps and attacks with the Ranger and Weaver, which is blocked by the Wall. He then plays a Granger Guildmage and ends his turn. Before the turn is over, Zila plays an Impulse.

Zila casts Gaea's Blessing targeting his Mana Leak, and sends the turn over. Sigurd then attacks with the Weaver and Ranger. Zila has to block the Ranger with the Wall, as blocking the Weaver would allow Sigurd to shoot it down with the Guildmage. Zila takes his next turn and plays Tundra. At the end of the turn, Eskeland activates Guildmage to deal a damage to Zila.

Sigurd attacks yet again, but this time Zila blocks the Weaver with the Wall. The Guildmage deals the fourth damage to kill it, and Zila plays Impulse before the turn ends. He then untaps and plays a Morphling. Quirion Ranger tricks are used to untap the Guildmage, and it shoots Zila before his turn is over.

The Weaver and Ranger attack, and Zila chooses not to block with Morphling. Sigurd then plays a Masticore, which Zila attempts to counter with Force of Will, pitching Forbid. Sigurd Counterspells the Force of Will, allowing his Masticore to resolve. However, on his next turn Zila has the answer, Disenchanting the Masticore. Sigurd is unable to regenerate from lack of available mana. Zila is shot at the end of the turn with Guildmage.

Eskeland's offense is frozen due to the Morphling and he plays a Squee, which gets a small laugh out of Zila. On Jason's turn he is still not ready to attack with Morphling. He ends his turn, and Sigurd shoots him again with the Guildmage. Zila responds by playing Swords to Plowshares on it, and Sigurd responds to that by untapping his Guildmage with Ranger and dealing another point of damage.

Sigurd takes his turn, and draws more land. For such a land light deck, Sigurd has drawn many, and is at a lack of threats. He ends his turn, and Zila finally attacks with his Morphling. Eskeland doesn't block, and takes three damage. Sigurd draws and plays a Forest, ending his turn. Morphling attacks again, and is blocked by Squee. Zila plays Wall of Blossoms, and sends the turn over.

Sigurd brings back Squee and casts it, ending his turn. Zila has apparently learned from his mistake, and gives his Morphling flying this time before attacking with it. It is unblocked, and comes through for another three damage. He continues to attack with the Morphling for two turns, and it is blocked once by a Bird. Eskeland plays a Feeder, which will allow for five Fogs thanks to the Weaver. Zila counters it, which Eskeland responds to with his own Counterspell, which is Countered by Zila until Eskeland plays Force of Will. This allows the Feeder to resolve, and buys Sigurd five extra turns.

Zila untaps and plays Wrath of God, which Sigurd responds to by gaining four life and using the Weaver's ability. On his turn, Sigurd brings back the Squee and untaps it. Zila proceeds to attack with the Village multiple times, trampling over the Squee. Sigurd is unable to find an answer, drawing more lands in the process.

Zila-1 Eskeland- 0

Game 2

Eskeland plays first, and has to mulligan his opening hand again. His second hand is better, and he plays a Tropical Island and Llanowar Elf. Zila plays a Volcanic Island, and ends his turn. Eskeland then plays a Wall of Roots, running his mana strictly off one land and the creature base. Zila follows up with a Flood Plain. Eskeland draws and plays Brainstorm, then plays two Birds. He sarcastically begs Zila to play a Wrath of God. Zila simply plays a Tundra, and sends the turn over.

Sigurd now plays a Survival of the Fittest, which is Annuled. Eskeland responds with a Pyroblast, which allows the Survival to respond. However, at the end of the turn Zila casts Disenchant on the Survival, which is countered. He untaps and draws, Disenchanting it yet again on his main phase. Sigurd responds by pitching a Weaver to go get a Tradewind Rider. The Rider is played, but countered by Zila's Pyroblast. Jason untaps, taps his deck and topdecks a Morphling, which is played and resolves. Eskeland has the same problem he did in Game 1, where he draws too much land in a clutch situation. Zila adds insult to injury by playing a second Morphling, which resolves after a counterwar. This situation is impossible for Sigurd to get out of, giving Zila the victory.

Zila- 2 Eskeland- 0

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