Memory Jar

Posted in Feature on May 22, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Randy Buehler and Erik Lauer's Memory Jar

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The dark days of combo deck after combo deck are known as "The Combo Winter" when a true understanding of what made Magic tick came into existence and the Pro Tour's finest managed to break card after card. The final nail in the coffin was Memory Jar, an Urza's Legacy rare that was immediately snapped in half in conjunction with Tinker and Megrim. Pro Tour standouts Erik Lauer and Randy Buehler set to work using the card in as broken a fashion as they could find. The end result? The above decklist, which not only helped get Jar banned, but changed the game forever as prominent members of the Pro Tour (like Buehler and Lauer themselves) were brought in to the R&D fold at Wizards of the Coast to avoid creating such broken cards in the future.

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