Mini-Movies from 2000 European Championship

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[view]Noah Boeken quickly wins game four of the final match versus Raphael Levy. (1.2MB MPEG)

[view]Brian Hacker and Randy Buehler commentate on game three of the final match. (1.4MB MPEG)

[view]Game two of the finals, Noah Boeken (Holland) vs. Raphael Levy (France). (1.4MB MPEG)

[view]Rickard Ostererg wins the 5th game of the quarterfinal match with an unstoppable Morphling. (1.4MB MPEG)

[view]Mini-tour continued. (1.0MB MPEG)

[view]A mini-tour of the European Championships. (1.3MB MPEG)

[view]Andrea Redi (Italy) and Christian Gregorich (Austria) play their feature match. (1.3MB MPEG)

[view]View of Eiffel Tower and surrounding area. (1.2MB MPEG)

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