Mirage Holiday To-Do List

Posted in Feature on November 16, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

As we've announced before, Mirage is coming to Magic Online. With the holidays coming up, we know you've got a lot of lists to make and check twice. That's why today we proudly present:

Magicthegathering.com's Magic Online Mirage Holiday To-Do List

Build 10 decklists that all start with "4x Dark Ritual"
Review the spoiler and write an article on Mirage draft pick orders
Read Randy Buehler's explanation of the new phasing rule change
Build a Tombstone Stairwell + Golgari deck
Check out the metagame of the Classic format
Find Prismatic players who want my extra copies of Hall of Gemstone and Flood Plain
Build a Sabertooth Cobra + Whispersilk Cloak deck
Learn timing rules for Lion's Eye Diamond
Revive my Djinn Tribal deck
Predict the going ticket rate of Incinerates, guildmages, and tutors
Review how the Mirage theme decks were being designed -- one by a Magic Online tournament winner, one by the magicthegathering.com readers, one by JMS, and one by R&D
Build a Bazaar of Wonder + Dimir deck
Outfit my R/G deck with techy Mirage Rampant Growths and Stone Rains
Explain to rich aunt how Magic cards help with vocabulary and math skills
Explain to wife how Magic cards help with vocabulary and math skills
Collect some dragons and Dragonspeaker Shamans for Zirilan of the Claw deck
Freshen up on what's banned in Mirage block constructed
Pray to the MTGO randomization gods in anticipation of making Frenetic Efreet coin-flips
On second thought, trade for some Krark's Thumbs
Figure out some kind of Ancestral Memories or Cadaverous Bloom or Grim Feast combo deck for Vanguard
Scour Wizards.com for Mirage info
Build Hakim, Loreweaver + Auratouched Mage deck
Practice sealed deck with those dusty old Mirage sealed display boxes that I was saving for retirement
Ask Santa for a foil Spirit of the Night

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