Mirari's Wake

Posted in Feature on September 8, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Daniel Zink's Green-White Blue Mirari's Wake

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In celebration of the impending release of Shards of Alara, Daily Decks looks at past creations that combined the colors of Magic into those of the shards found in Alara. At the 2003 World Championships it was the Bant colors that managed to reign supreme. German Daniel Zink bested the field with his green-white-blue Mirari's Wake deck. The titular enchantment allowed Daniel to cycle huge Decree of Justice for 2/2 Soldiers. He could also Cunning Wish for a toolbox of cards in his sideboard and, with a Mirari on the board as well, could create a copy that let him Cunning Wish for a spell in his sideboard as well as a previously played Cunning Wish thanks to the Mirari copy. Check out a Shards of Alara preview card from Bant here and make sure to visit the Shards of Alara product section.

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