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By Wizards of the Coast

Collector's Highlights

The Mirrodin expansion includes randomly inserted foil-finished premium cards in a limited, 306 all-new, black-bordered card set featuring the new card face introduced in the Core Set - Eighth Edition.

Game Features

Mirrodin introduces several new mechanics to Magic as well as a completely new card type - Equipment - which adds power and reusability in your decks.

  • Equipment -- A new type of artifact which can be attached to your creature to arm them with special abilities. If the creature dies, the Equipment "falls" back into play and can be re-attached to another of your creatures.
  • Imprint -- This ability found on artifacts allows you to remove a card from the game and "imprint" the attributes of the removed card onto your artifact.
  • Affinity -- Spells that are cheaper for the more artifacts you have in play.
  • Entwine -- Spells that give you two options, or pay an extra cost and do both.


The Moons of Mirrodin

by Will McDermott

Across the harsh landscape of Mirrodin, an orphaned elf must make her way, seeking the secrets of her past, daring the perils of her present.

Download a sample chapter (227k - pdf)

A New World

Far from Dominaria, in a distant corner of the Multiverse, lies Mirrodin, a plane made entirely of metal. Blades of golden grass in the Razor Fields chime in the wind. Huge misshapen boulders are magnetically suspended above the peaks of rusted iron mountains. Elsewhere, a wide sea of silvery liquid reflects the sky like a rippled mirror. On the horizon, four suns rise and set in strange orbits: white, blue, red, and a black sphere of void. It is here that Magic finds a unique story.

Mirrodin offers you an artifact rich environment never seen before in the game of Magic. With 306 black bordered cards featuring the new card design, the set challenges you to arm yourself with the first new card type since Legends - equipment cards. Unlike enchantments, when an equipment card is attached to a creature, it can "fall" back into play even if the creature is destroyed and then be re-equipped onto another creature.

In addition, Mirrodin marks the beginning of a new story with new characters. Glissa Sunseeker, the finest hunter and perhaps the most skilled warrior of the elves, begins her story to find out why the monstrous "levelers" seek to destroy her. It is this search for answers that will begin to uncover the mysteries within Mirrodin. So get set for a grand new world filled with amazing imagery and a fresh new look.

Mirrodin is where it all starts.
Time to Arm yourself.

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