On the Mirrodin Site: September 13-17

Posted in Feature on September 17, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to "On the Mirrodin Site," where we'll show off some of the week's highlights from the Mirrodin Site. This site is going to have a lot of content, so if you fall behind, just stop by here for the scoop.

Card Previews

On Monday, September 13, Sunblast Angel appeared on the Plains of Mirrodin. Two days later, on Wednesday, September 15, the Swamps featured Tower of Calamities.

And today, Friday, September 17, there's going to be something happening in the Forests.

Mirran Field Reports

When the Mirrodin Site launched last week, it contained reports from three characters: Ria of Bladehold, Farris of the Anvil, and Kessla of Temple Might. In the intervening time, two of the characters' stories have added a chapter.

Be sure to check the Mirrodin Site every day to see what's new. And check back here on Friday to see if there's anything you missed.

Oh, and here's a tip! If you go to the Forest and go all the way to the bottom right, there's a little "MT" that Mark Tedin uses as a signature. Click around the "M" and you might see a surprise.

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