The Mistbind Menace

Posted in Feature on February 26, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

It was inevitable.

Mistbind Clique

Ever since the unbanning of Bitterblossom in Modern, people have been wondering what the best Faeries decklist would look like and whether or not it would be a player, especially in the face of Wild Nacatl. Well, it didn't take long until Faeries started showing up in the Magic Online tournaments. Osmanozguney's list is pretty much what you'd expect, but he took it all the way to 1st place in a recent Premier Event.

Two of the biggest reasons why Faeries will succeed in Modern is because of Spell Snare and Dismember. While Osmanozguney didn't even play Dismember, the fact that Faeries has a one-mana counterspell and one-mana removal spell will do wonders for the deck that used to be comprised mainly of two-drops and four-drops. Faeries used to struggle in the early game, as its turn ones and turn threes were generally tame, but now the deck can play multiple spells per turn if necessary.

One of Faeries's biggest weaknesses was maintaining board parity until its powerful four-drops, Mistbind Clique and Cryptic Command, could come online, but now that may no longer be an issue. Everyone thinks the real villain is Bitterblossom, but cut Mistbind Clique from the deck and see how many matches you win! Bitterblossom is powerful, but the Clique is what you really need to watch out for.

osmanozguney's Faeries

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