Modern Masters 2017 Edition New Art Descriptions

Posted in Feature on March 28, 2017

By Blake Rasmussen

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While we're all champing at the bit for Amonkhet news (you'll get some on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week), many of us are still salivating over some of the new art from Modern Masters. Back in the day, we used to do these articles now and then that would look at the art descriptions for some of our more popular art.

So let's do that again.

One note: If you like any of the art below, click on the name of the artist just below the image to see all the cards bearing their art in Magic. It's a fun little wormhole to go down.

Serum Visions

Setting: New Phyrexia
Color: Blue spell
Location: Inside the core of the plane (see reference below)

Action: Show a close-up of the Phyrexian Praetor Jin-Gitaxias (see reference) pointing his faceplate right at the camera, all symmetrical and "grinning" with menace. Two thin translucent tubes are injected into his neck or shoulders via long mechanical needles, and luminous blue liquid flows into him. Jin-Gitaxias has no visible eyes, but a blue glow shines forth from under his faceplate approximately where his eyes should be. He's reveling in the mind-expanding properties of the luminous blue "serum."

Focus: Jin-Gitaxias
Mood: Like a super villain grinning when he thinks of a brand-new evil scheme
Notes: Reference Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, Art ID #134204


Setting: Not important
Color: Black and red spell
Location: Against a cloudy sky

Action: Show the Giant in Sun Titan (see reference) falling apart as he is turned into fiery ash from within. His armor falls into pieces, revealing that his body has turned to cracked, brittle, volcanic ash. His face shows agony and horror, and his mighty sword falls out of his grip.

Focus: The death of the Sun Titan
Mood: Sudden doom. Even the mighty and the glorious can be toppled by death magic.
Notes: Reference Sun Titan, Art ID #129119

Goblin Guide

Setting: Zendikar
Color: Red creature
Location: A dangerous area in the mountains of Zendikar (see below)

Action: A Goblin Scout looks back at the viewer, maybe offering us his hand, as he heads onto a dangerous-looking bridge. Maybe it's a precarious rock bridge over lava, or a thin rope bridge over a terrifying, bottomless chasm. The Goblin has a backpack of rolled-up maps. It's a bit humorous, as if he has plenty of geographical information, yet he's chosen the most dangerous route possible.

Focus: The Goblin Scout
Mood: "Come! Snerk will guide you! Do not worry!"

Cavern of Souls

Setting: Innistrad
Color: Land
Location: A natural cavern that has been sculpted for use as a catacomb (see below)

Action: Show a large, mystical cavern whose walls have been carved with small alcoves. Normally these nooks in the walls would be storing corpses, but instead, they seem to hold Spirit energy. Trickling "waterfalls" of soul energy lazily roll out of these openings like dry ice, "pooling" together in the center of the chamber. Ghostly hand shapes rise up from the pooled ghost-energy, as if coalescing out of the ghost-waterfalls.

Focus: The cavern
Mood: Mystical, quiet, haunting

Stony Silence

Setting: Not important
Color: White spell
Location: A sunlit hillside or meadow, maybe reminiscent of ancient Ireland

Action: This spell "deactivates" an artifact, rendering it inert. Imagine a huge, magically-animated Golem made of rough granite boulders. Now imagine this Golem was "deactivated" years ago, causing it to fall over and become part of the landscape—show us the hill structure that has become of that Golem. Moss and wispy grasses have grown in the crevices of its face and body. Maybe someone has chipped away the stones of its head to fashion a rustic spiral staircase, useful for climbing up onto it.

Focus: The defunct Golem
Mood: A mighty monster now rendered harmless and part of the landscape

Guttural Response

Okay, so this isn't in Modern Masters 2017 Edition (It's in Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might), but I received enough requests for this fantastic piece of art from Ben Wootten (and it's his first piece for Magic, even!) that I had to oblige.

Setting: Not setting-specific
Color: Red and green spell
Location: A field of ice

Action: We see a sapient gorilla Warrior standing defiantly in the center of the ice field. It is wearing magnificent steel pauldron and plate armor on its chest and shoulders and wielding a two-handed, claymore-like sword. Its mouth is open in a bellowing roar that is so loud, the sound is shattering the ice in a radial pattern outward from the gorilla.

Focus: The gorilla's bellowing roar and the resulting shattering ice
Mood: Powerful and primal

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