Mono Black

Posted in Feature on February 17, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

A lot of players were glued to Pro Tour Dark Ascension coverage to see if a Zombie deck would show up in Standard. Pro Tour newcomer Jasper Johnson-Epstein finally unleashed the Zombie horde people had been waiting for, placing in the Top 50 using several cards from the shambling tribe.

Jasper's deck can quickly push a lot of power onto the table with eleven one-drop creatures, threatening a swarm early. His deck backs that up with Porcelain Legionnaire and Geralf's Messenger to continue beating down.

One of the huge role players here is the underused Skirsdag High Priest. The High Priest gives the deck some long-game power alongside the recursive Gravecrawler, and making sure the morbid ability is active is easy with Mortarpod and Fume Spitter around. It doesn't take much effort for this deck to spit out a legion of 5/5 demons that will quickly devour unprepared opponents.

Between aggressive creatures, quality removal, and a strong long game, Jasper Johnson-Epstein has assembled something fearsome—and fun to play, too! If you've been looking for a fun and powerful deck for tonight's Friday Night Magic, listen to what Jasper has to say on the deck and give this a try! And don't miss the Friday Night Countdown for plenty of decklists and advice from the best in the game!

Jasper Johnson-Epstein's Mono Black

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